Cocker Spaniel Pictures: Which Is Your Favourite?

Do you have any treasured Cocker Spaniel pictures you'd like to share with us? I'm sure you do. I'd love to see them and would be delighted to hang them in our 'doggie hall of fame'.

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Cocker Spaniel Pictures to Warm Your Heart!

Welcome to our...correction...YOUR cocker spaniel pictures page!

This is where you can show off your best photos of your Cocker Spaniel(s) and tell us all about your faithful hound and what he (or she) likes to get up to!

You own a Cocker Spaniel, right? Right, which means you're bound to have lots of cute Cocker Spaniel pictures and many amusing stories to tell - so come on, why not share with us?

You can send us up to four of your favourite Cocker Spaniel photos, write a few words to go with them, and I'll place them in our doggie hall of fame for all our visitors to enjoy.

You may have captured your Cocker's true personality in a chance snapshot; he may have been caught raiding the trash or getting up to other doggie mischiefs!

Or you may have some lovely Cocker Spaniel pictures showing your pet's true personality. He may be playing, lying in the sun, sleeping, but above all, just being his adorable self!

It's so easy to do, just go to the submissions page and follow the instructions, and don't forget to add a few details about the picture too. You'll find some good ideas here if you need the inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing.


Hello Pauline,

I'd like to introduce you to my gorgeous liver-coloured cocker spaniel.

His name is Taro, and he's two years old and one of the most 'mischievous' dogs I've ever had.

He's a lovely boy with a gorgeous temperament, and I love him to bits!

Taro is simply the best ever.

Ewa - West Yorkshire

A beautiful liver coloured cocker spaniel headshot. His pink tongue is protruding and he's looking directly into the camera.Hello handsome Taro!

My Dougal

This is Dougal, our beautiful cocker spaniel who sadly died recently. I thought I would never stop crying.

Fortunately, we now have our new puppy, Teddy who is mending our hearts.

Although we love him very much and he's already a part of our family, we won't ever forget Dougal. Rest in peace, my sweet boy.

Julie - Inverness, Scotland

Dougal, cocker spaniel lying quietly on the grass.Rest in peace, Dougal

Ben, My New Love

Hi, This is Ben, my new love.

He's a cocker spaniel puppy, and he's 6 weeks old in this photo.

I am so lucky as the breeder only lives across the road, so I see Ben a lot, and I'm so looking forward to having him permanently. I just can't wait!

Terry - Redcar, UK

Black cocker spaniel puppy sitting on a shaggy rug.This is Ben, my new love

Alfie in the Kitchen

Alfie is 4-months old, and he's a beautiful family pet.

He came from a litter of nine puppies; when I chose him, he was only one of two left.

He's the first dog I've ever had, and we're learning the ropes together. So far, so good!

Getting a cocker spaniel puppy is one of the best decisions we have ever made!

Robert Olusanya - Dungarvan

Alfie, the golden cocker spaniel puppy having his photo taken sitting in the kitchen.Meet Alfie!

Just So Cute!
By: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Robert,

Thank you so much for posting a photo of Alfie, your new Cocker Spaniel. He's so adorable I could just eat him up! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun learning the ropes together, and I hope you find all you need on my website.

Happy bonding!

I Love Snow!      

This is Rocky, our one-and-a-half-year-old cocker spaniel, joining in the fun and games.

It takes us ages to remove all the snow from his coat, but he's worth it. Rocky just loves the snow!

Charles Adams - Aberdeen Scotland

Black cocker spaniel rolling in the snow.Snow Bathtime!

I Love Snow too!      

Not to be left out, this is Apollo, our other cocker spaniel.

He's a year and a half, and is the brother of Rocky (above), and he loves the snow too. No matter how cold it is, they just love to roll and play in it!

Charles Adams - Aberdeen, Scotland

Apollo, a black cocker spaniel playing in the snow.I love snow too!

Lucy, Lotty, Lacey, and Lilly!

Here are my four Best Friends!

My girls are my world; they are so loving and so much company, and each has their sense of humour and character.

Lucy is very loving, and if you ask her to cuddle you, she puts her head on your chest.

Lotty is also loving and playful; she loves to run fields and comes back to you in her own time :)

Lacey is my sniffer dog. Her nose is always to the floor when we're on a walk. Surprisingly, she has never bumped into a lamp post!

She is funny and very curious. She even sniffs the biscuit you're offering her to ensure it's not poisoned!

Four beautiful cocker spaniels, sitting in a row, each one looking at their owner.My Show Type Cocker Spaniel Family

Lilly is my baby. She is very loving and so laid-back; she just loves company full stop.

Lilly loves to sit on your knee in the evening and just lies down and snores loudly as we try to watch TV.

All in all, my pooches have us wrapped around their little claw. X

Julie Hastie - Winsford Cheshire

What cute Cockers you have. They all seem to be focusing on one thing...I wonder what that can be?

Beautiful dogs!

Four Lovlies! - Anonymous

Delta Only Interested In One Thing!

This is my honey bear eagerly looking up at what I have in my hand. Now, if you know cocker spaniels, you'll know exactly what I'm holding (LOL) yes, indeed, it is food.

She's patiently waiting for her treat after doing some cool tricks. Delta is now 10 years old and is my best friend of all time, the love of my life even smiles when I smile at her. She owns a piece of my heart.

Beautiful cocker spaniel looking at her owner.Delta Cocker Spaniel

She has had two litters which was a fantastic experience, and I couldn't let two babies go, so they are now part of the family, hence the 'mum of pups'.

Delta was such a lovely gentle mum, but now they are older, and she's even older; it's competition time all over again. Even though delta is now 10 years old, she continues to beat her daughters, Storm and Elite, swimming for the ball.

I'm such a proud mum.

Kellie - New Zealand

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