Pictures of Dogs from Our Visitors

Visitors often send in pictures of dogs and puppies they love or have loved in the past, so I decided to collate some photos of beautiful photos of cocker spaniels I had sitting in the files and show them here for all to see.

I want to thank visitors for sharing, and I hope you enjoy them!

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Lenny The Wonder Dog!

Hi Guys!

This is my Lenny; as you can see, he's getting bigger. His first year is just flying by. He's just mad about the beach and absolutely loves his ball. 

He's so playful and lots of fun! Love you, Lenny!

Nicola Davis

Golden cocker spaniel dog lying on the sofa next to his owner.Lenny the Wonderdog!

Our Beautiful Baby

Headshot of a beautiful orange roan cocker spaniel with soulful loving eyes.Sosu, our beautiful cocker spaniel!

This is our cocker spaniel puppy, Sosu; he's so sweet and beautiful!

We love, love, love him!

Wixom, MI

Visitor Comments for Our Beautiful Baby

I can see why you love, love, love him. I'm almost speechless, he's so beautiful, and it's a great photo, by the way.

Is he an orange roan?

Beautiful Cocker Spaniel
by: Darren

I'm almost sure he's an orange roan cocker. He is absolutely gorgeous, and I'd love to know where you got him from. He's beautiful!

I hope you enjoy him for many years to come.

Pictures of Dogs: Sosu
by: Sandy

Scooby Is A Very Nervous Young Man


This is Scooby. He's very loving and affectionate, but unfortunately, he's terrified of noises and strangers. However, with a lot of patience, we're getting there, slowly but surely!

Pauline (Website Owner)

Hi Steve, What a beautiful Cocker Spaniel Scooby is, and he looks so affectionate!

Max was quite timid when I first got him, and I was given a CD called Sounds CD.

An orange roan cocker spaniel, panting, sitting on his owner's lap.Scooby, the timid Cocker Spaniel!

It was a compilation of snippets of sounds; telephones ringing, children screaming, adults shouting, sirens, thunder, etc., which was meant to be played when your puppy was around, even when he was asleep.

I played this most days (quietly) when Max was about to fall asleep. Today, my Cocker is okay with most sounds (except for the Hoover - he's such a wuss!).

Here are some excellent tips and advice on socialising your puppy, which will help to build Scooby's confidence.

Good luck!

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Those Eyes...Pure Innocence!

Beautiful golden cocker spaniel with red ribbon in her hairMy Girl!

This is Miss Molly, my beloved cocker spaniel.

She was born on the 28th of March 2000, and she's the most loyal, sweet, devoted companion I've EVER had.

I absolutely adore her!

Peabody MA

Molly, the golden cocker spaniel playing with her frog.Molly with Cupcake the Frog
Golden cocker spaniel, lying on the floor, playing with a sock.Going to take a nap, okay Mamma?

Hi Linda, I'm always grateful for visitors sending in their pictures of dogs.

Molly is such a sweet little thing, and I'm sure visitors to the site will enjoy them. I love how she's standing on her back legs so she can see out of the window!

Thanks very much for sending in these lovely photos of your beautiful cocker spaniel girl! Please give her a big cuddle from me!

Pauline (Website owner)

Golden cocker spaniel, standing up,  looking out of the window.Molly's front row seat

Sophie Ellis: My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel

Hi, this is Sophie Ellis, my beautiful 3-month-old cocker spaniel puppy. She's amazing, friendly, funny, and very smart.

I absolutely love her!

David Moreno

Sophie Ellis, a beautiful black and white cocker spaniel puppy being held by her owner.Hello, My Name Is Sophie Ellis

Update on Sophie Ellis

Hello everybody!

Guys, thank you for your comments! Yes, I named her after the singer that I love. So, I thought it was a good name for a puppy.

And Yes! Birds are irresistible to her; she chases everything that seems like a bird. Ha-ha, she got it from her Mom.

Sophie is 7 months old now and still growing. I'll upload a few more of my pictures of dogs soon.

PS: Sophie says hello too!

Sophie & David
Panama, Panama City

Visitor Comments: 

Sophie Ellis: My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel

How gorgeous you are, Sophie! You look just like my first cocker spaniel, Jessie. Sadly she's no longer with us, but when I first saw your photo, my heart missed a beat - you're so much like her!

She used to like running around the park, chasing balls, frisbees, and birds (any type would do, so long as they could fly - come to think of it, she'd chase those that couldn't fly, too!).

She was gentle and friendly, even though she wasn't socialised as properly as she should have been.

I loved her so much - she was my life! I still think about her, and I'm so happy to have been privileged that she chose me.

The puppy days soon fly by, so please enjoy every minute of the day with your lovely Sophie Ellis.

Sophie Ellis
by: Anonymous

Is she named after Sophie Ellis Bexter? Why? It doesn't really matter - she's so gorgeous anyway - but I was just curious.

Sophie Ellis
by: Jan

Aaaaw, your little cocker is as beautiful as her name. I'm assuming you named her after the singer? In any case, she is lovely!

Take care of her, and she will take care of you tenfold, at the very least!

Sophie Ellis is a Sweetie
by: Suzette

My Gorgeous Baby Boy Radley

Our black and tan cocker spaniel puppy is 14 weeks old and loves his walks.

He can be a little monkey sometimes, but he's so very loving, and adores having his tummy rubbed!

Black and tan cocker spaniel lying on a black leather sofa.Hello, my name is Radley!

He's a bit of a piglet with his meals; he swallows his food without chewing it properly, so he ends up coughing it up to eat it all over again!

He's named after my favourite make of handbag (the ladies will know this!).

Christine Underhill
Long Buckby, Northants

Visitor Comments: My Gorgeous Baby Boy Radley

Precious Boy, Radley

What a cutie!

He has beautiful colouring, I just love black and tan cockers!

He looks like he's zonked out, I love the relaxed sleeping position!

Thank you for sharing him!

By: Karen

Black and tan cocker spaniel lying in his crateWhat a day!

Pictures of Dogs: Snap!

Hi, I couldn't believe it when we saw your picture; Radley has identical colouring to our own little spaniel, Crunchie. How old is he now?

(By the way, we're in the same village!)

By: Ian

Radley Today!

Hi Ian, As of 18th March 2015, Radley is just over a year old.

Radley Today
Christine Underhill

Our New Cocker Spaniel

Black Cocker spaniel standing on a laminate floor.Please be my friend!

James Alexander
Corby, England

This is our latest Cocker Spaniel.

We only bought him on Saturday to be a friend for our existing family cocker.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working at the moment as our dog Harry has gone in the huff.

Oh well, I guess time will tell.

Cocker Spaniel Pictures of My Smarto!

Golden cocker spaniel puppy lying on the kitchen floor.Hello, my name is Smarto and I'm very smart!

Arathi Belvadi

This is my gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy - he's just too smart to be handled!

He's only very young, but I love him already!

Pauline (Website Owner)

Hi Arathi, Thanks for posting. Smarto is such a lovely cocker spaniel puppy. I hope you have lots of fun with him.

Remember to take a look at this page which gives lots of helpful information about puppy care to help you raise him; I promise you, it's very useful.

Alfie Just Can't Reach It!

Alfie, a black and white cocker spaniel, trying to get a piece of chicken from the countertop.Oh, I really want that chicken!

Phil Oasgood

This is Alfie, my mischievous Cocker Spaniel-Springer mix.

He's trying to get at the bag of chicken on the back of the kitchen worktop.

He was so focused on reaching the chicken that he didn't notice me sneaking up and taking this photograph.

The little monkey!

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Buddy and Lottie

Sue Byrne
Warwickshire, UK

Buddy is 12 months old, and Lottie is 7 months. They live with me, my husband, and our two sons in Warwickshire, UK.

Cocker spaniels, Buddy and Lottie sharing a walk.

They have very frequent visits from my 3-year-old grandson, Alex.

Buddy is very laid back and obedient, which is why we decided on another working cocker spaniel and along came Lottie.

She's feisty and quite vocal, like she announces her arrival, "Hello, I'm here!"

Buddy and Lottie get on very well, and we are a very happy, contented pack.

I am a dog groomer and work from home, so I always have different dogs visiting - something we all get pleasure from.

Funnily, it was because of all the cocker spaniels I'd been grooming that made me want one.

Headshot of a black and white Cocker spaniel, standing in the garden.Cocker Spaniel hoping for a bath in the garden

At that time, I had no idea there was such a thing as a working and a show-type cocker spaniel, and I got Buddy by mistake!

Once the breeder explained the difference, I had already fallen in love with him. All my ideas about him having the best hairstyle ever went out of the window!

Buddy now has beautiful leg feathers and a spectacular quiff going on - he takes relatively little grooming.

Lottie's coat is starting to sprout little tufts all over, although the top of her head is smooth.

I have no idea how they will turn out, but they are a joy, and every day is wonderful with them!

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Visitor Comments for Buddy and Lottie

Buddy and Lottie
by: Anonymous

Hi Sue, Buddy and Lottie look to be lovely dogs! I adore the 'punk cocker' hairstyle too! (Sorry!)

I like that they sound so different, yet they get on very well together. I want another dog and would seriously consider a working strain Cocker, but I'm not sure my old Cocker is ready to accept another animal in our household.

Two cocker spaniels by a children's pool, watching their owner fill it up with water from a hose.We can't wait for the pool to fill!

Oh well, I don't intend to put him through any undue stress or anxiety, so I'll put all thoughts of getting another dog on the back burner.

I hope you and your family enjoy your dogs for many years to come.

Lovely Buddy and Lottie!
by: Jenny

They're both beautiful dogs and they seem to be such characters too.

I love show cockers, but I also adore the working cocker spaniel. I love the tufts on the top of their head. They're lovely cockers!

Read on for more lovely pictures of dogs from our visitors!

Henrik's First Day Home

Dale Shepherd
Fife, Scotland

Gorgeous blue roan cocker spaniel puppy almost asleep with his soft toy by his side.Henrik's first day home

Hi, Meet our new blue roan cocker spaniel puppy.

He's 6 weeks old, and his name is Henrik; we think he's simply adorable!

He's whacked after playing, so he's about to have a little nap. 

Update: Dale Shepherd
Fife, Scotland

We know you're always happy to receive pictures of dogs, so we thought we'd give you an update!

Henrik is now 13 months, and we’re trying to get him used to water! 

Cocker spaniel puppy in his new paddling pool with his owner.Not sure about this Mum
Blue roan cocker spaniel lying on lush green grass studded with daisies.It's too hot Mum!
Cocker spaniel wearing daisy chain around his head, his name is HenrikDaisy Chain
Headshot of a blue roan Cocker spaniel. The background is a bright deep pink colour.Henrik is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel

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Indiana and Her New Pal Mike Wazowski


Meet my new cocker spaniel puppy, Indiana. She's 7 months old, and she's very precocious (but precious!).  

Indiana is gorgeous, and brings a smile wherever she goes and loves to be with her pal, Mike Wazowski!

Golden cocker spaniel puppy lying in his green bed, holding onto his dark-green toy frog.Mike Wazowski!
Golden cocker spaniel puppy with large paws.Lion paws!

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Our Beautiful Amber!

Golden cocker spaniel lying on the windowsillBeautiful Amber

Colchester, England

Amber is 16 months old, and she was born on Christmas Day.

She is my first dog, and is a typical cocker spaniel, full of life, very stubborn, but very beautiful and always happy.

Sleeping Beauty!

Golden cocker spaniel puppy, Jax, sleepingJax, my sleeping beauty

Tammy Wright
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

This is Jax, our little cocker puppy, and we love him to bits. 

He's still young (he's 4 months old), so we're still getting to know him, but he's very curious and very loving!

Website Author and Owner

Hi Tammy, Jax is certainly a little treasure - he's beautiful! He reminds me of Max when he was a puppy. He's so cute.

They grow up so very quickly, so enjoy every single minute of his 'puppy-hood'!

Take care.

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Pictures of Dogs: Our Special Family

Luna chose us, but we knew she was special; her birthday and mine are on the same days. She was born as a moon child, hence her name.

Golden and white cocker spaniel sitting amongst golden autumnal leaves.Meet Luna!

Luna has always been with cats.

When we first got her as a pup, we had a diabetic cat, Peppy.

He only just tolerated Luna; as a puppy, she was too busy for him.

Then came our next family members, Nyx and Theo, two rescue cats (they were kittens when we got them).

They have grown together ever since.

It's funny because they have picked up traits from each other. They do things they wouldn't normally do if they were alone. That makes it so special to have them all together.


Meet Sully, My Lovely Cocker Spaniel

Sully is named after the Monsters Inc. character, Sully. I love that he has one black ear and one black eye. When I saw him for the first time, I melted.

Cute white cocker spaniel puppy with one black ear and a little black eyeMeet my Sully!

Sully is 12 weeks old and a total lover of all people. He's quick to learn and is currently in puppy kindergarten.

We've never owned a Cocker before, but we can see how one can become addicted to these little clowns.

Sully enjoys walks, and she loves playing in the water.

Thanks for this website; it has so much helpful information about Cocker Spaniels that we can use.

Bellingham, WA

Hi Lonni, Sully is absolutely gorgeous; he looks like he's going to be a real character!

Thank you for the very kind words about my site. I hope you continue to find it helpful during your puppy's lifetime.

Enjoy your new Cocker Spaniel!

Pauline (Website Author and Owner)

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