Your Favorite Dog Pictures

Do you have a couple of your favorite dog pictures that you'd like to share with us? If so, we'd be delighted to hang them in our 'doggie hall of fame'.  Why not join in the fun and send us some of your best Cocker pics today!

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Cocker Dog Pictures To Warm Your Heart!

Welcome to our...correction...YOUR Cocker Spaniel photos page! 

This is where you can show off your best photos of your Cocker Spaniel and tell us all about your faithful hound. 

Max, my golden Cocker Spaniel playing in the gardenCome on Mom, throw the ball!

You own a Cocker Spaniel right? Right, which means you're bound to have lots of amusing stories to tell - so come on, why not share one with us?

You can send us up to four of your favorite dog pics, write a few words to go with them and I'll place them in our doggie hall of fame for all our visitors to see.

You may have captured your Cocker Spaniel's true personality in a chance snapshot, he may have been 'caught in the act' raiding the trash can, or getting up to other doggie mischief!

Or you may have some lovely photos of your Cocker Spaniel just being him or herself; playing, lying in the sun, sleeping, but above all, being simply adorable!

It's so easy to do, just go to the dog pictures submission form below and follow the instructions, and don't forget to add a few details about the picture too.

If you need inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing, you'll find some good ideas here.

Some of our Visitors' Precious Cocker Spaniels

My Dougal

This is Dougal, our beautiful cocker spaniel who sadly died recently.

I thought I would never stop crying.

We now have our new puppy, Teddy (pictured on this site too) who is mending our hearts.

Although we love him very much and he's already a part of our family, we won't ever forget Dougal.

Rest in peace sweet boy.

Inverness, Scotland

Dougal, cocker spaniel lying quietly on the grass.Rest in peace, Dougal.
Cocker spaniel puppy sitting next to a brown leather handbag.Dougal as a puppy

Ben, My New Love

Hi, This is Ben, my new love. He's a cocker puppy and is 6-weeks old in this photo. 

I am so lucky as the breeder only lives across the road, so I see Ben a lot and I'm so looking forward to having him permanently.

Redcar, UK

Black cocker spaniel puppy sitting on a shaggy rug.This is Ben, my new love.

I love Snow!      

This is Rocky, our one and a half year-old cocker spaniel, joining in the fun and games.

He just loves the snow!

Charles Adams
Aberdeen, Scotland

Black cocker spaniel rolling in the snow.Snow Bathtime!

I love Snow too!      

Not to be left out, this is Apollo, our other cocker spaniel. He's 1.5 years-old and is the brother of Rocky (above) and he loves the snow too.

No matter how cold it is they just love to roll and play in it!

Charles Adams
Aberdeen, Scotland

Apollo, a black cocker spaniel playing in the snow.I love snow too!

...But What Do I Write About?

Anything and everything!

If you need inspiration, why not tell us a little about your Cocker's personality, what they like to get up to, or their favorite toys or games?

Anything you'd like to say is fine by us.

Perhaps, sadly, your Cocker Spaniel is no longer with you, and has passed on to 'Doggie Heaven' - why not pay a tribute to him here, or write a poem to celebrate his life and keep his loving memory alive?

Whatever you've got to say, we'd love to hear it.

We love looking at beautiful pictures of dogs, and we're itching to see photos of your Cocker Spaniel(s)!

If you're still stuck for words, why not try answering some or all of the following?

  • What's the name of your Cocker Spaniel? 
  • How old is he? 
  • Where did you get him?
  • What are his favorite games and toys?
  • Does he like to play in the park with a ball or a Frisbee? 
  • Is he friendly with other dogs? 
  • Does he have any health problems?
  • What are they and how are they being treated? 
  • Does he go on holiday with you? 
  • Has he been abroad? 
  • Where's your dog traveled to?
  • Does he enjoy running run on the beach?
  • Does he like swimming or does he prefer dry land?

I'm sure by now you get the (dog) picture!

Whatever you've got to say, I very much look forward to hearing from you, and finding out all about your Cocker.

If you'd like to see some of our other visitors' dog pictures, simply scroll to the bottom of this page - you're in for a real treat.


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Why Not Share Your Dog Pictures With Us?

You know your Cocker Spaniel is beautiful!

You also know that Cocker can get up to all sorts of antics, and into so much 'loveable' mischief - and they frequently do!

Then why not share your best Cocker Spaniel pictures with us and show the world just how beautiful they are?

Your photographs may capture your pet getting up to mischief, running in the park, playing with other dogs, asleep on his back - legs akimbo, or they may simply reflect how adorable he or she is!

You can build your very own page, right here, for all your friends and family to see.

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Other Visitors' Cocker Spaniel Photos

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Susie, My sweet California girl... always looking adorable. 
Susie was a rescue that I adopted when she was about 1 1/2. She was thrown out of a moving car up in the desert! She is now about 8 and is very active …

My Gorgeous Archie 
Archie is 8, he is my love and totally loves me back.

Bad hair day 
Cooper is 4 years old... He's a beauty

Sammy and Bracken 
I recently lost both my boys, Sammy at Xmas aged 15 and Bracken 4 weeks ago, aged 14. They were life time friends both to us and each other. We have …

Teddy Our New Puppy 
We got Teddy last week having lost our blue roan cocker spaniel Dougal to heart disease. I never thought I could love another dog after Dougal but …

Our Wee Cocker Pup 
Honey has been with us 9 weeks and what a darlin'! Playful, energetic, clownish, kind, gentle and sweet! We are all mad about da pup!

My Baby Girl Bailey 
I got Bailey when she was 9 weeks old, she is now 5. She's an American cocker spaniel, very friendly, loving, well behaved, and a very smart dog, …

Copper and his Brother Naoise 
Copper is my first cocker. I have a springer but have seen so many golden cockers in the park and loved their size, colour and temperament so had to have …

Alfie Is Now 2 Years Old 
Getting along fine!

Naughty Hector 
Hector is a lovable 14 weeks old Cocker Spaniel. I have never know a puppy with so much energy!

Miss Madison 
This was my best friend in the whole world. She lived to be 16 and was right by my side until the day she said goodbye. I miss her very much

Birthdays just tire me out! 
Tanner is a loveable little fella that will be 4 in August 2016. He brings us love and laughter.

1 year old black and white cocker with amazing markings. Such an affectionate little baby!

Mr. Handsome  
I adopted Mr. Teddy Graham from the Columbus Cocker Rescue in September 2013. I met him at an adoption fair where I spotted him from across the fairgrounds. …

His name is Taro . 2 years old Lovely boy !

Who Really Rescues Who? 
Hi, I'm Carly. I rescued this really nice couple in Austin TX. It took a little training but I have now gotten them to do pretty much everything …

Lucy, Lotty, Lacey, and Lilly 
My Show Type Cocker Spaniel Family. My girls are my world, they are so loving and so much company and each have their own sense of humour and character. …

Loves Me. Love Her.  
Nora is now three years old and just loves to be kept busy. She has both inside and outside toys, we walk and do agility training every day, which is more …

Juno Posing in the Sun  
Juno is the sweetest little 7-week-old puppy, with eyelashes to die for, and butter wouldn't melt. She loves playing outside, chewing thick socks, …

Whatcha Doing Mom? 
This is our little boy Prince. We got him when he was three months old and he's curious about everything and just a little bit spoiled. LOL! He …

Cocker Spaniel Sun Worshipper! 
We got our little bundle of joy very early and she has settled in very well considering. She has teeth like razors and jaws like a vice already but …

Handsome boy 
This is Alfie our two and half year old cocker spaniel boy!

More Photos of My Lovely Lady 
Here are more lovely photos of my Cocker Spaniel Lady who passed away on Sunday.

My Lovely Lady 
So, we re-homed this beautiful cocker spaniel called Lady. She was so lovely, so little and so delicate. She clearly wasn't loved properly in her last …

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Sweet Puppy Tyrant 
Emmy is my sweet Cocker Spaniel puppy. She's so loving and affectionate and she's also very smart. At 9 weeks she had mastered, sit, shake, and down. …

Purdy & Holly 
This is Purdy and Holly (aunty and niece). They are my beautiful working cocker spaniels!

Alfie: Sleepyhead! 
This is Alfie. He's 10 weeks old. When he's not having a daft half-hour or eating, he sleeps...a lot. We're so looking forward to long walks once he's …

Update on Alfie (Kelbonny Country Runner). Hope you enjoy the pics!

Alfie, Birthday Boy 
Alfie had his first birthday this week and an eventful, fun filled year since he came to us. Kelbonny Country Runner, also known as Alfie, came to …

Sybil The Spaniel 
Sybil is just beautiful. She's a chocolate cocker spaniel and she came to us aged 8 weeks.

Alfie Comes Home 
Alfie's taking over!

Leia Is One Year Old Today! 
Leia is one today so I thought I would share some photos again. She loves tearing things apart and causing general mayhem but I wouldn't have it any other …

Alfie Comes Home 
Alfie, (Kelbonny Country Runner) is now almost 10 month old. He is a lovely wee boy and recently had a full trim.

Sleepy Babies 
My Cocker Spaniel is called Bruce. He is technically 7 years old but he acts 2! He is a blue roan boy who usually has a long beautiful coat, but in …

My Baby Boy All Grown Up 
My WCS Radley is all grown up, he was one year old on 18-03-2015! He's still greedy, but so loving, and he needs a hair cut, just look at those beautiful …

My Jazzamataz 
Jazzi is the most amazing dog! She is 16 yrs old and still going strong!

Kronos is my handsome Spaniel. He is sweet, friendly and joyful.

Rita - Our 'Personality Rich' Cocker Spaniel 
Dear Pauline, I am just writing to say thank you for the work you put into this website. Our continued quest for ideas to help us get the upper hand …

George The Cocker Spaniel  
This is my cocker spaniel puppy, George. He's a black and tan, he's 7 months old and he'll eat anything (including shoes, toys and stuff he's not supposed …

Harley Cocker Spaniel 
Harley is now 1 year old and we have had him since he was 12 weeks. Harley was rescued from a puppy farm in Wales by Friend of the Animals who are located …

Too Beautiful To Be A Boy 
This is Rocco....he's 20 weeks old and is a sable roan. He has a beautiful nature and is so sweet. Everyone who meets him loves him.

Meet Gordy 
Greetings from Vietnam. I'd like you to meet Gordy. I have selected Gordy yesterday at the Breeder(in Saigon, Vietnam) and he will come home with me …

A Day On The Moors 
This is my wonderful cocker spaniel. Her name is Crunchie and she is 16 months old. She loves running about in the fields. I've had her from a pup, …

Nickels & Nisha 
This is our first cocker spaniel "Nisha". My son chose her at a local pet store. She really is a very loving pup.

Jessie The Fluff Ball!  
This is our gorgeous Jessie, she's 7 months old and is such a loving dog! We are hoping for her to become a therapy dog soon :)

Puppy Days  
She's a golden cocker spaniel, more red than golden, and she's a 17-week-old bundle of joy with a cheeky, but lovable character!

Baby Serafina 
Serafina is a beautifull black cocker spaniel dog, 2 months old.

Storm's First Xmas. 
Storm is the latest addition to our family. He's almost 15 weeks old and is a brown roan. We recently lost our 14 year old Cocker Spaniel (Jake) and …

We first met Amber at 5 weeks old and she joined us at 11 weeks. Already slightly used to us, she took the change of home well and settled overnight …

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Alfie Comes Home 
After a long wait, we finally got our Alfie home. He has been vaccinated and is now allowed out for walks.

Jelly & Leia 
This is Jelly and Leia. I adopted Jelly (almost 10) just a few months ago. He is an ex-show dog and is now relaxing in his well-earned retirement. …

Excited Cliff  
This is Cliff, my 6-month old American cocker spaniel. He's showing his excitement just before he gets to see his friends at the dog park. Cliff is …

Alfie In The Kitchen 
Alfie is 4 months old and a wonderful family pet. He came from a litter of 9 puppies. When I got him he was 1 of 2 that was left. He is the first dog I …

Choosing Our Puppy 
Now my wife is at home all day, we have the opportunity to have a dog. Something unthinkable when we were both out working all day. We have now chosen …

This is Mabel, from my first every litter of cocker spaniels. She's only 9 weeks old here, posing for the camera. She's just adorable!

Our Precious Cocker Spaniel 
This is Precious, our beautiful cocker spaniel. In these pics, she's preparing to go boating in her new life vest. In the next one, she's wearing …

Playful Bella Aka Snow White Delight 
Here's our little girly. She's so loving and playful. Providing hours of fun for my 8-year-old daughter. The best friend you could ever have. She has …

My Gorgeous Baby Sleeping 
This is Codi my 9 week old cocker spaniel, born 2 June 2014. Fetched him in Worcester, Western Cape two and a half weeks ago. He's so precious and …

Precious posing for picture 
We bought Precious when she was just weaned at 6 weeks old from a Cocker Spaniel breeder in Harleton, TX. She got her name because the minute I saw …

Jesse and Duke 
Jesse (blonde) and Duke (black) are brothers born in 2011 and they are my babies. They are very special to me and I cannot imagine my life without them …

My Gorgeous Baby Boy Radley  
We have a black & tan cocker spaniel puppy, he is 14 weeks old, loves his walks, can be a little monkey at times, but he's so very loving, and loves …

Our Beautiful Baby-Puppy 
Our cocker spaniel puppy is sweet and beautiful! We love love love him!

Not sure about his new paddling pool 
Henrik now 13 months trying to get him used to water!!

Meet Sully 
Sully is named after the Monsters Inc. character, Sully. When I saw him for the first time I melted. I love that he has one black ear and one black eye. …

Our Special Family 
Luna chose us, but we knew she was special, her birthday and mine are the same days. Born as a moon child. Luna has always been with cats. When we first …

Sleeping Beauty 
This is Jax. We love him to bits. He's still a puppy (4 months) so we're still getting to know him but he's very curious and loving! Comment from …

The Perfect Dog 
Lila is 9 months old and simply the best dog any owner could ask for! She's extremely smart, caring and very friendly with everyone. Lila learns a new …

Our Beautiful Amber 
Amber is 16 months old and she was born on Christmas Day. She is my first dog and she is a typical cocker spaniel, full of life, very stubborn, but very …

Let Me Run Free  
Molly, she sadly passed away 4 weeks ago and my heart is literally broken. I have grown up with Molly and she was the most lovely, enthusiastic dog ever. …

Yumi - Our Crazy Tootie Patootie! 
Hi, This is Yumi, my little American Cocker Spaniel girl. Her name is short for "Mayumi" which is a Filipino word for shy or timid, however, it tends to …

We Await Her Arrival  
Ruby is a beautiful blue roan Cocker Spaniel who joins us next Thursday. We can't wait. We have been on sleep countdown for the past month~ any useful …

It's Tiring Work Being A Pup 
Ruby is 3 weeks old in this picture, and all the attention is making her tired ~ big yawn ! X

Angel or Little Devil? 
This is Espresso. He is one of the most loving cocker spaniels you will ever meet. He is also what I would call a little OCC - Obsessive Compulsive …

Indiana And Her New Pal Mike Wazowski  
7 month old, our precocious little puppy Indiana - she brings a smile wherever she goes.

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First Day Home 
Meet our new blue roan cocker spaniel puppy. He's 6 weeks old and he's called Henrik.

Fidget Is My Name 
This is Fidget, one of two cocker spaniels in our family, but one of three dogs - we also have a chocolate lab. Fidget is turning 10 this year. Fidget …

Becca My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel 
Becca is fit and funny. She is so energetic. Our golden cocker spaniels, Sadie and Zak have accepted her into the pack.

Molly Cocker Spaniel 
Molly and Panda Pie!

Lulu is the sweetest old lady - we have had her since birth. She's kind, gentle, and a true snuggler, but she's getting old and a bit slower, and has …

RIP My Beautiful Molly 
This is my beautiful cocker spaniel Molly, who sadly died on the 27th July 2011 after contracting a disease called AIHA which attacks the immune system. …

Gizmo is now 8 months old, this is his first Christmas and he is not happy. All these strangers coming into his home, and worse, they are not bringing …

My Beautiful New Puppy Wally 
My girlfriend and I had been wanting to become pet owners, and have something or someone that we both had to take care of. She consistently kept telling …

Toffee Cocker Spaniel 
Toffee is a wee golden cocker spaniel boy! He's now 14 weeks and is so adorable! He's going to school next week for a bit of training.

Driving Miss Tilly 
Vini and Tilly are 7 years old - they are so very loved! Wherever I go, they follow. Vini has genetic ear problems and needs constant care for his …

My Pumpkin!  
Our cocker is a black and white American cocker spaniel. Unfortunately, he was abused when he was first born by his breeders. He was so tiny when we …

Double Trouble 
Bella is 1 year old and Sr. Marli is 2 years old. When these two are together, they are hilarious and they are so protective of each other! Bella chases …

In Memory Of Sweet Pugsley Who Is Now At "Rainbow Bridge" 
This is our late English Cocker Spaniel, "Pugsley" aka "Puggers", whom we were blessed to have as a part of our family for 5 years. He LOVED empty …

Yumi's Little Slumber 
This is my lovely Cocker Spaniel puppy - her name is Yumi (which means "Yu" = Friend, "Mi" = beautiful), and we just got her last Thursday. She's only …

My Lovely Bambi! 
I Just owned a cocker spaniel one month back and I am so much in love with this puppy. I really like her. She is turning 4 months old. I found this …

Sophie Ellis - My Wonderful Cocker Spaniel 
She's amazing, friendly, funny, and very smart. I love her! She's only 3 months old.

Beautiful Baby Girl 
After our beloved Moose died this summer we had to have another cocker spaniel. We knew we could never replace him so we chose a little girl in a different …

What do you mean I have to
go to the groomers again?
This filthy boy is Moose. We rescued him from our local pound and believe he was about 3 years old. Moose loved life, he was everyone's friend and …

Buddy And Lottie 
Buddy is 12-months old and Lottie is 7-months. They live with me, my husband, and our two sons in Warwickshire, UK. They have a very frequent visit …

My Buster - He Is Such A Clown! :-) 
Buster is now 7 years old and has been a great addition to our family. He has such a sense of humour and lets us know daily how much he loves us and we …

Rocko and Jax: Our Babies - What Characters! 
Rocko (black) and Jax (buff) our two rescued cocker spaniels couldn't be more different. Rocko loves the outdoors, rooting and digging in the dirt, …

First Encounter With Water  
We just celebrated Roger's 1st birthday! I've had Roger since he was 8 weeks old and he has always been so adorable. He's very friendly with other …

Tilly - Our Newest Cutest Addition
To Our Family!
We have had Tilly for 3 days now and she is 13 weeks old. We got her from our local Dogs Home after she was surrendered from a previous owner who couldn't …

Sofi And Her Younger "Brother" Dali. 
Sofi is our cocker, who we bought from a breeder when she was 3 months old. She is now almost 4 years old and has had to live with having another member …

Shirley Cocker Spaniel 
Shirley is very pretty and very loving!

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Hanging On Grimly 
My cocker spaniel is 14 weeks now and is the darling of the residents on our street! He's playful and learns fast - even corrected me - perfectly imitated …

Lovely Lulu My Cocker Spaniel 
This is our puppy Lulu taking a rest. She is now 7.5 weeks and has lots of energy! Comment from Pauline (Web Owner) Lulu is such a beautiful …

Sadie Mae 
We got Sadie about 2 years ago. She wandered into my sister's fence. I asked who she belonged to and was told a neighbour. Since my sister was …

Bentley and Sadie 
Mr Bentley is a 4-year old male American Cocker Spaniel (buff), and Miss Sadie is a 5-year old female American Cocker Spaniel (black). These two fur …

Tia and Tasha 
My two dogs, Tia and Tasha, are basically my life. I love them so much. Tasha is about 12 and I'm worried she's not going to be with us for much longer …

Phoebee And Daphnee - Cocker Spaniels 
Phoebee is my 8 1/2-year-old cocker spaniel - she is the highlight of my life. (I think she might know it too!). Comment from Pauline (Web Owner) …

Chiku - My Cute English Cocker Spaniel Puppy  
This is my sweet baby “Chiku”, a Cocker Spaniel puppy, who is now 3 months old and I've had him since before he was 5 weeks. He has a characteristic …

Tia - My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel 
This is Tia - she's a wonderful 5 generation Pedigree Working Cocker Spaniel - and she's 10 weeks old in these photographs. She has a brilliant temperament …

Always up to mischief! Not rated yet
Bailey was born in Scotland and he traveled all the way down to east sussex by car, at 6 months old.(He is now 9 months) He loves a good game of tug and …

Cocker Spaniel Caught Napping Not rated yet
Our beautiful 12 year-old cocker spaniel, Paddylee.

Open Wide Poppy! Not rated yet
Poppy having her teeth checked by 'Yogi Bear'!

Billy, Our Loving Cocker Spaniel Not rated yet
Billy follows us around constantly: coming into our bedroom to wake us up every morning; he travels with us everywhere and he's a real foodie! He jumps …

Our Grand-dog Not rated yet
This is Hercules Apollo our two-year-old American Cocker Spaniel grand-dog. He is a charmer and a companion to our 14-year-old Lab. Hercules loves …

Alba  Not rated yet
This is Alba, our gorgeous Lemon rowan Cocker Spaniel. She's our baby! She's a crazy, excited girl and I can't imagine life without her.

My Beautiful Benji Not rated yet
Benji is an amazing dog, he is always hungry but he loves his food. This photo was taken on his second night with his new family

My Little Girl Darcy Not rated yet
I'd like to introduce my 6 year old Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel, Darcy. She is a beautiful little girl who has a strong will but who's very cuddly and …

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