Cute Photos of Cocker Spaniels

We love our pets and we love looking at photos of Cocker Spaniels, but best of all we love showing them off! That's why you send in lots of your pet photos, and their stories, so that we can share them will all and sundry.

Here are a selection of beautiful pictures of Cocker Spaniel puppies and dogs for you to enjoy! 

Penny, My Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Black and white cocker spaniel puppy lying on the rug, asleep.Penny is flat out!

By: Emily
From: Somerford, Cheshire

This is Penny, my 1-year-old black and white cocker spaniel puppy with amazing markings.

She's such an affectionate little baby!

Gizmo - My Little Darling!

This is a photo of a buff coloured cocker spaniel. He's sitting on his owner's sofa looking like he owns it!Hi, my name's Gizmo!

By: Basil Mackenzie
From: Point Claire, Quebec

This is our "Gizmo," who came to us at the age of six months. He is a purebred blonde and was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

The breeder bought him and intended to use him as a breeding dog, but they discovered he had 'Cherry' eyes, so they could not use him.

We were very fortunate to get him, and he has quickly become a very treasured member of our family and has been for six years.

Sammy and Bracken

By: Brian
From: Northampton, UK

I recently lost both of my boys, Sammy at Christmas, aged 15, and Bracken, aged 14, just 4 weeks ago. They were lifetime friends both to us and each other.

Two adult cocker spaniels lying on a blanket, asleep. One is a blue roan, the other is an orange roan.Sammy and Bracken, rest in peace little boys!

We have never experienced such heartache, although I have had dogs all my life.

We suffered for 2 weeks and now have just bought a new puppy, and he's  5 weeks old. He's a chocolate roan, and I've called him Brody.

The breeder can't let me have him until the end of August when he will be 8-weeks-old. I can't wait!

UPDATE: I now have Brody, and he's gorgeous. You can see him in the photo below. Isn't he cute?

An 8-week-old chocolate roan cocker spaniel puppy, Brody, is being held in his owner's hand. The puppy is so cute.Hi, my name is Brody!

Comments for Sammy and Bracken

Hi Brian,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Sammy and Bracken. When our pets finally reach rainbow bridge, they really do hit us where it hurts, don't they?

I notice you now have your new puppy, Brody, and just look at him, he's beautiful. I hope you're both getting on famously!

Our thanks go to Brian for sending us these beautiful photos of cocker spaniels, Sammy and Bracken. RIP boys. x

Photos of Cocker Spaniels: Puppy Alfie

By Alan
Leuchars, Scotland

After a long wait, we finally got our puppy home.

His name is Alfie (but his Sunday name is Kelbonny Country Runner)

He has been vaccinated and is now allowed out for walks, and can meet other dogs.

Puppy Alfie checking out the garden

Update: By Alan
Leuchars, Scotland

Little Alfie is little no more. He's growing up and is now taking over the house!

He loves to lie on my bed with his toys and I haven't the heart to move him.

Alfie is now almost 10 month old and he's turning into a handsome lad.

He's found his voice though, and let's people know he is around.

He is a lovely wee boy and recently had a full trim.

He's still getting on my bed, which I know is wrong but he's irresistible to cuddle up to.

Alfie loves to come shopping with me and enjoys riding in the shopping trolley.

He gets lots of admiring glances, and a few giggles!

My Baby Girl, Bailey

By Roxanne
From: Northbay, Ontario

I got Bailey when she was just 9 weeks old, and she is now 5.

She's an American cocker spaniel, very friendly, loving, well behaved, and she's a very smart dog. I love her very much and spoil her rotten. LOL!

Come on, blow them out!
Just chilling after eating too much cake!

Comments for: My Baby Girl, Bailey

By: Pauline - Website Owner

And so you should, she's so cute Roxanne!

I love her birthday cake and candles photo, truly wonderful.

By: Janet
Nottingham, UK

I love Bailey. She looks just like my cocker spaniel, Sasha. 

The mad-hatter hat, and the loving sunglasses look really cute. I'm going to take some photos of cocker spaniels and send them in here.