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About Cocker Spaniel's Blog Page

Jan 21, 2017

Eye Problems In Dogs: Symptoms & Prevention

Eye problems in dogs can cause your pet considerable pain and misery. Find all you need to help you keep your Cocker Spaniel's eyes clean and healthy.

Continue reading "Eye Problems In Dogs: Symptoms & Prevention"

Jan 06, 2017

7 Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Want to be sure you're giving your best friend healthy treats? Here's 7 of our tastiest healthy dog treat recipes in a variety of yummy flavours.

Continue reading "7 Healthy Dog Treat Recipes"

Jan 04, 2017

Potty Training Your Puppy: House Training Dogs The Easy Way!

If your Cocker Spaniel isn't fully house-trained yet, our ultimate guide to potty training your puppy will help you to have your little boy dry in no time at all!

Continue reading "Potty Training Your Puppy: House Training Dogs The Easy Way!"

Nov 03, 2016

Food Aggression In Dogs

If your Cocker Spaniel has suddenly become aggressive around his food, don't worry. Find all you need to help stop food aggression in dogs and puppies.

Continue reading "Food Aggression In Dogs"

Aug 10, 2016

Poisonous Plants Which Could Seriously Harm Your Pet

You wouldn't want your puppy to eat poisonous plants would you? Of course not. Here's lots of plants which could seriously harm your Cocker. Keep your pet safe.

Continue reading "Poisonous Plants Which Could Seriously Harm Your Pet"

Aug 09, 2016

Dog Poisons Lurking In Your Home

Dog poisons, innocently disguised as normal household cleaners and gardening products, can prove lethal to your dog, keep them locked away!

Continue reading "Dog Poisons Lurking In Your Home "

Aug 05, 2016

Is Your Puppy Eating Poop?

Is your puppy eating poop? Find everything you need to understand why he's doing it and discover how to stop your Cocker Spaniel from indulging in this awful habit!

Continue reading "Is Your Puppy Eating Poop?"

Aug 04, 2016

Best Dog Grooming Tools

Want the low down on dog grooming tools? Here are our 11 essentials to help you groom your Cocker Spaniel and have him looking just like he's just left the grooming parlor!

Continue reading "Best Dog Grooming Tools"

Jul 28, 2016


1 year old black and white cocker with amazing markings. Such an affectionate little baby!

Continue reading "Penny "

Jul 28, 2016

Mr. Handsome

I adopted Mr. Teddy Graham from the Columbus Cocker Rescue in September 2013. I met him at an adoption fair where I spotted him from across the fairgrounds.

Continue reading "Mr. Handsome "

Jul 28, 2016


His name is Taro . 2 years old Lovely boy !

Continue reading "Deardreamer"

Jul 28, 2016

Birthdays just tire me out!

Tanner is a loveable little fella that will be 4 in August 2016. He brings us love and laughter.

Continue reading "Birthdays just tire me out!"

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