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Cocker Spaniel Blog

Aug 26, 2014

Puppy Names - Unique, Unusual, or Traditional - You Choose!

Choose from thousands of male and female puppy names: unique, unusual or just plain traditional. Come in and take a look around, I promise we won't bite!

Continue reading "Puppy Names - Unique, Unusual, or Traditional - You Choose!"

Aug 23, 2014

Raw Recipes

I have a 5 year old male cocker Eros, who has had a variety of skin problems. Looking on the site I was delighted to come across the suggestion of home

Continue reading "Raw Recipes"

Aug 23, 2014

My Cocker Licks The Door Frame!

My cocker is 3 years old. We got him from the pound right after Christmas. He is a very well trained and sweet dog. However, when we are outside working

Continue reading "My Cocker Licks The Door Frame!"

Aug 19, 2014

Precious posing for picture

We bought Precious when she was just weaned at 6 weeks old from a Cocker Spaniel breeder in Harleton, TX. She got her name because the minute I saw her

Continue reading "Precious posing for picture"

Aug 19, 2014

Ambrosia Cocker Spaniels

Home to Brown and black Cocker spaniels. For Pet, show and performance. Our dogs are house dogs and puppies are raised with other dogs, cats, children

Continue reading "Ambrosia Cocker Spaniels"

Aug 19, 2014

Playful Bella Aka Snow White Delight

Here's our little girly. She's so loving and playful. Providing hours of fun for my 8 year old daughter. The best friend you could ever have. She has

Continue reading "Playful Bella Aka Snow White Delight"

Aug 19, 2014

My Gorgeous Baby Sleeping

This is Codi my 9 week old cocker spaniel, born 2 June 2014. Fetched him in Worcester, Western Cape two and a half weeks ago. He's so precious and I

Continue reading "My Gorgeous Baby Sleeping"

Aug 14, 2014

Puppy Farms and Puppy Mills: 10 Good Reasons To Avoid Them!

Puppy farms and puppy mills breed thousands of pups each year. They're kept in such horrendous conditions that many puppies die before they're sold...learn more

Continue reading "Puppy Farms and Puppy Mills: 10 Good Reasons To Avoid Them!"

Aug 14, 2014

Organic Dog Food | All Natural Dog Food For Your Best Friend

Feeding organic dog food to your pet (unprocessed, all natural dog food) offers many health benefits and can add years to his life. Learn why organic is so good.

Continue reading "Organic Dog Food | All Natural Dog Food For Your Best Friend"

Aug 13, 2014

Gracie's Puppy Farm Story

While standing in line at the County Animal Control, a volunteer noticed an elderly man turning in a dog that he said he no longer had use for. Luckily,

Continue reading "Gracie's Puppy Farm Story "

Aug 13, 2014

Healthy Mutt Chow:
Lamb With Brown Rice And Veggies

This is one of the best home-made dog food recipes I've ever tried (or rather, my dog has ever tried!). I recommend you have a go! Ingredients: 1 lb

Continue reading "Healthy Mutt Chow:
Lamb With Brown Rice And Veggies"

Aug 13, 2014

Curd Rice

Cocker Spaniels will love this recipe, mine certainly does! Curd Rice Recipe Ingredients: One Cup Rice well cooked One cup fresh curd Cooking Instructions:

Continue reading "Curd Rice"

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