Delicious Chocolate Cocker Spaniels!

Chocolate Cocker Spaniels are simply gorgeous, but chocolate roans are beautiful too! Drool over lots of lovely pictures of Chocolate and Roan Cocker Spaniels and puppies!

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Chocolate Brown Cocker Spaniels

Chocolate Cockers, sometimes also known as liver (brown to you and me!), may not be as seen as often as some of the other Spaniel colours, but they're certainly popular, and they are gorgeous!

Many of the cockers and field spaniels (long before the breed was divided into two separate species) were chocolate. In fact, today, many working cockers are still brown/liver coloured.

A very young puppy, chocolate coloured with white markings, lying on an embroidered cushion.Hello Mummy!

However, chocolate isn't a prevalent colour in the show cocker.

That's because responsible breeders are now breeding on temperament rather than colour. It's much better to have a cocker with a good, gentle disposition.

Unfortunately, because chocolate cocker spaniels are in demand, it is tempting some breeders to breed on colour alone, ignoring the temperament aspect, which can have dangerous consequences.

However, despite the chocolate cocker being reasonably uncommon, we've managed to get a selection of photos of beautiful brown cockers for you.

Take a look, I think you'll agree, they're gorgeous!

Beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel puppy sitting for the camera! The photo was taken against a white background.Hello, my name's Coco!

Chocolate cockers can be seen in a solid brown colour (just like this adorable puppy above), chocolate roan (liver roan), chocolate and tan (liver and tan), and chocolate and white (liver and white).

There are many beautiful combinations!

I adore brown Cocker Spaniels, and I especially like those with roan markings.

Take a look at the markings on this beautiful chocolate Cocker Spaniel's coat (below); they're unique! Her name is Kona, and she's an excellent example of a chocolate roan.

My Chocolate Cocker Spaniel is Just Too Cute!

By: Helen
From: Edinburgh

Meet Millie, our new puppy who has stolen our hearts!

She is our first dog, and she's a beautiful chocolate girl with white and roan markings.

We absolutely love every little thing about her!

This photo shows a chocolate cocker puppy with white markings.Millie taking a well-earned nap!

Kona: A Beautiful Chocolate Roan Cocker Spaniel!

Let me introduce you to Kona.

She's a beautiful chocolate roan, and she's enjoying a refreshing swim in the lake!

Kona, a chocolate roan cocker spaniel swimming in the lake.I love to swim!
A brown roan cocker spaniel trotting along the riverbank, green fishing umbrella in view.I love long walks too!

Here she is again, having dried off; she's now feeling restless.

She's exploring the bank-side (on patrol, by the looks of it) while the grown-ups enjoy their sunny day by the river.

Kona's decided to have a little fun, running up and down the riverside or has something caught her eye?

Just look at those beautiful roan markings.

She's like a frothy cappuccino!

Now it's time to play ball; she's absolutely tireless!

Who wants to play?

Come on, Mum and Dad, let's go!

With all this fresh country air and exercise, Kona will undoubtedly sleep well tonight!

Chocolate roan cocker spaniel with a yellow tennis ball in her mouth. She's running by the edge of a riverbank.Come on Mum, just one more game!

Kona is owned by our visitors Eric and Ali, from Oakdale, California, and I'd like to thank them for sharing these beautiful pictures.

If you'd like to share up to four of your favourite pictures with us (they don't have to be chocolate Cocker Spaniels, we love all colours!), simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Working Cocker Spaniel Rossi

This video is just over 2 minutes long, and it shows Rossi, a beautiful working Cocker Spaniel, growing from a puppy to an adult.

She's a classic example of just how gorgeous Cockers can be!

Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Coat Colours

Of course, Cocker Spaniel's coats come in a wide variety of colours and markings.

You'll also find golden and black cockers in solid colours, then there are markings such as roan or 'ticking', which are small flecks of colour on a primarily white coat.

Parti-colours are just what they sound, (usually) two colours mixed, and you can also get tricolour...yes, you guessed it, three colours!

If you'd like to see a selection of photographs showing beautiful golden cocker spaniels, just follow this link!

And if you'd like to learn more about Cocker coat colours, patterns and marking, you'll find some handy information here.

A cute chocolate cocker spaniel wearing a pair of glasses, lying on the sofa.Pay attention now!

Chocolate American Cocker Spaniels Rock!

Just look at this beautiful brown American Cocker Spaniel.

He's absolutely stunning and is a classic example of a well-groomed American cocker.

Isn't he just adorable?

A Chocolate American Cocker Spaniel posing by white stool, white background.I have a very grand pedigree!
Brown cocker spaniel sitting patiently by the roadside, safely behind a black metal fence.Mummy, where are you?

Yet another example of a gorgeous chocolate Cocker Spaniel!

He's sitting quietly, patiently waiting for his master.

He's an English Cocker and looks very different to his American cousin, but he's beautiful just the same.

Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Puppies

From time to time, our visitors send up photos of their cocker spaniels, and I thought I'd show a couple here. Enjoy!

Chocolate cocker puppy, with blue eyes, lying on a pink patterned sofa.Hello, my name is Juno!
A chocolate cocker puppy with adorable appealing eyes, wearing a brown leather collar. He's sitting, looking up at the camera.Hello, my name is Bruno!
A beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel puppy called Keaton. He's sitting on large cobblestones with a green grass background.Hello, my name is Keaton
A chocolate cocker puppy lying on his owner's bed, looking straight into the camera.Hunter is awake and ready to go!

By: Chow
From: Southern California

This is Hunter, my beautiful chocolate Cocker Spaniel. He's 9 weeks old and I love him to bits!

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