Puppy Farms

Please Don't Buy Your Cocker Puppy From One of These Terrible Puppy Mills...No Matter How Tempted You Might Be!

Puppy farms are where bitches, often many different breeds, are bred en-mass, in horrendous conditions, purely for the money.

When the bitches can no longer breed......they are needlessly destroyed!

Puppies and bitches are often kept in highly unsatisfactory conditions; cramped and dirty kennels, with inadequate runs, where urine and excreta are not cleared away.

The dogs are often fed a poor diet, and neither bitches nor puppies are looked after in the loving way professional Cocker Spaniel breeders or hobby breeders would do.

The bitches will often have many litters, and won't have been allowed sufficient time to recover from giving birth between litters.

The bitch and her puppies won't have been properly exercised, if at all, and the puppies may not have been wormed or vaccinated.

Generally, their standards are very poor and levels of care are inadequate.

Pedigree English Cocker Spaniel puppies are not cheap.

Black cocker spaniel puppy in metal pot

The cost of a Cocker Spaniel puppy from one of these puppy 'breeding factories' will usually be cheaper.

Let's face it, they can afford to be - they don't give their puppies the best start in life.

Any money spent on the puppies for necessities such as food, vaccination, health care, is kept to a very basic minimum to allow them to make a bigger profit.

These 'breeders' aren't interested in finding out what kind of homes the puppies are going to, nor will they want to answer all of your questions; they're more likely to be interested in the sale, and will sell to anyone who can pay the price.

Puppy farmers are unlikely to want you to visit their premises, and so will offer to deliver your puppy. In no circumstances agree to having a puppy delivered. Apart from wanting to choose your own puppy, you need to see the environment in which these puppies have been raised.

Many puppies reared in these appalling conditions die within days of arriving at their new home. Those who are lucky enough to survive may be so poorly socialized through lack of human contact that they may soon show signs of stress and behavioral problems.

Farms (and puppy mills) are very definitely NOT the places to buy Cocker Spaniel puppies; please find a selection of reputable Cocker Spaniel breeders to choose from.

Alternatively, why not consider adopting a cocker spaniel from a cocker spaniel rescue center?

Tennessee Puppy Puppy Mill Raid

If you need any further convincing to stay away from puppy mills, please watch this heartbreaking video of a puppy mill raid in Tennessee!

The raid is carried out by Stephanie Shain who is the Director of the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign for the Humane Society of the United States.

You can also learn more about how avoid puppy farms and puppy mills here.

Do You Have A Horror Story To Tell About Puppy Farms?

There are many sad and heart-wrenching stories about puppies who've been bred in puppy farms.

Many of them die before finding a loving home, or within weeks of being sold, and many end up in rescue centers, or worse!

Their pain and suffering is tragic yet...these places continue to remain open.

If you have a sad or moving tale to tell, (even better if it has a happy ending!) why not spread the word by sharing your story and help stamp out puppy farms?

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Your Moving Stories About Puppy Farms

Click on the links below to see some moving stories about puppies bred in puppy farms.

They were all written by other visitors to this page.

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Happy with the puppy farms 
I bought a puppy from a puppy farm. I actually went there to choose the one I wanted. They were kept in pens, but the dogs were fine. I took her home …

Shadow is a loving male Cocker Spaniel we adoped from the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orange County, California. We adopted Shadow the day after …

Gracie's Puppy Farm Story  
While standing in line at the County Animal Control, a volunteer noticed an elderly man turning in a dog that he said he "no longer had use for." Luckily, …

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