Want To Know How To Choose A Dog Bed? You're In The Right Place!

You're here because you want to know how to choose a dog bed!

It's best to get it right first time, so don't just pick up the first one you see; otherwise, you'll only end up wasting your money. Instead, take your time and consider the points below to make sure you choose the right bed for your Cocker Spaniel; after all, he's going to spend an awfully long time in it!

Choosing A Dog Bed? There Are So Many To Choose From!

Nowadays, there are so many types of dog beds to choose from.

From designer dog beds for those owners who want something unique to simple cushions or pillow-type beds for those who're not so fussy and perhaps more concerned with comfort and practicality than design!

And they come in all sizes, shapes, colours, and materials!

Your Cocker Spaniel will probably spend a long time in his bed, so it's wise to choose one that will not only help keep him warm, cosy, and comfortable but also the right size for him, so make sure it's up to the job.

Size is important, so let's look at how we can ensure we buy the right size dog bed for our pampered pooch!

Golden cocker spaniel puppy lying on a black and white dotted dog bedLearn how to choose a dog bed that your pup will love!

How To Choose A Dog Bed That's Big Enough

Most dogs curl up before going to sleep and would happily sleep in that position all night.

Others, however, like to lie on their back fully stretched or on their side, legs stretched out in front of them.

For a comfortable night's sleep, your pet should be able to stretch out fully (should he wish) without hanging his head or dangling his legs over the edge of the bed.

Whatever position your Cocker sleeps in, his bed must be big enough to accommodate his entire head and body when stretched out, so buying the right size is really important.

To ensure you buy the right size bed, measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail and then add 30 cm (12") for comfort - that should do it!

How To Choose A Dog Bed: Top Tips for Choosing Dog Beds 

Once you know what size of bed your Cocker Spaniel will need, you may want to consider the following tips and advice before making your choice:

  • If your Cocker is getting on in years, his old bones may benefit from sleeping in a specialist bed for older or arthritic dogs. An orthopaedic bed will help to support and cushion his old bones and arthritic joints.

  • Some orthopaedic beds offer the option to buy a pillow that you can put in a microwave and gently heat to keep the dog warm - neat!
Black and white puppy, with little tan spots, lying on a dog bedLeave me alone; I'm trying to sleep!
  • To keep your dog cool in the summer, you can also buy a gel pad that you can freeze or put in the refrigerator and then place under the cushion in his bed.

  • If your pet likes to snuggle down on a cushion, he may prefer circular or square pillow-type beds.

  • If your house is full of drafts, a better idea is to consider buying the nest-type bed, which has raised edges on three sides and will protect your Cocker Spaniel from any cold drafts.

  • Your Cocker Spaniel will feel more protected in a bed with sides. My Cocker, Max, often lies in his bed, rests his muzzle on the raised edge, or uses it as a pillow!

  • If the area where your dog sleeps is prone to dampness, consider a plastic bed with a soft pillow or cushion insert.

    Dog crates are ideal for keeping out the damp, but it's also worth noting that some soft beds have a waterproof underside.

  • Would you be happy washing your dog's bed by hand every week? No. I didn't think so! Your dog's bed should be easily machine-washable to allow you to keep it clean and bacteria-free.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite get it right when I bought Max's first bed.

Although the main part of the bed was washable on a gentle wash cycle, the pillow insert wasn't, which I've since discovered is very often the case.

The first time I washed the pillow, the filling clumped into one solid ball, rendering the pad unusable.

Rather than throw it away, I resolved the problem by unpicking some of the stitching at one end of the pillow, removing the lump of filling and replacing it with (washable) bean bag filling (fire retardant, of course!).

His bed is as good as new and more comfortable than ever!

Max squirms around on it until he gets it into the shape he wants before settling down with a contented sigh!

Because the price of dog beds can vary considerably, from basic pillows to designer dog beds, I recommend deciding how much you can afford to spend and then researching the market thoroughly to ensure you get the best price.

Beautiful black and tan Cocker Spaniel puppies sitting in a dog crate.Can you spot the fourth Cocker Spaniel Puppy?

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