How Often Should Puppies Poop?

How Often Should Puppies Poop?

How often should puppies poop?  How many times a day should my puppy poop? He's 10 weeks old and we feed him 4 times a day, but he poops about 6 times a day.

Is this normal or are we over-feeding him?

Golden cocker spaniel pooping outdoorsI can't do it if you're watching!

How Often Should Puppies Poop?

Answered By: Pauline (Website Owner)

I'm assuming your puppy is otherwise healthy, doesn't have diarrhoea and his poop is normal. If that's the case, pooping 6 times a day sounds fairly normal for a young puppy.

You're right to be feeding him 4 times a day because his little tummy couldn't take his daily food allowance in one go and this is why he's pooping so often. Feeding triggers pooping.

As your puppy gets older, his feeding routine will need to change, along the lines of the following:

Up to 4 months of age - 4 meals each day;

Between 4 months and 6 months of age - 3 meals each day;

Over 6 months of age - 2 meals each day, morning and evening.

If your puppy doesn't finish his food within 15 minutes, lift his bowl off the floor. Don't allow him to 'free feed' as this can interfere with the regularity of his bowel movements.

He'll soon learn to eat what's on offer and that if he doesn't eat it at that time, he'll have to wait until his next meal time. 

Feeding will stimulate your puppy's bowels, as will any form of exercise or excitement, so it's only natural for him to poop more than you might expect.

If you feel you may be overfeeding him, check the manufacturer's packaging or ask your breeder for the exact amount of food your puppy needs at the moment. Measure his food at each mealtime. You may be surprised at how wrong you can get it if you don't measure it out!)

If you haven't already, you might like to read this great little article on feeding your puppy

Good luck and please let us know how you both get on. 

Visitor Comments: How Many Times Should My Puppy Poop?

How Often Should Puppies Poop?
Comment By: Jed

Don't worry. It's what puppies do! They're little poop machines when they're young. 

As your puppy grows and his diet changes, (ie onto adult kibble, and he's fed less often) his bowels won't be stimulated as often and he'll settle down to a regular one or two poops each day, probably two, but don't worry if he does three. 

I take my 7 year old cocker spaniel out for a walk each morning before I go to work and he always does three poops, although the third one is usually a lot less than the other two and usually softer. (I hope you're not having your breakfast! LOL!)

Have a nice day!

How Many Times Should Puppies Poop?
Comment By: Sandy 

No, pooping this many times is perfectly normal, especially in a puppy so young and being fed regularly. Each time you feed your puppy, you'll be stimulating his bowels, so 4 meals means at least 4 poops, and 6 is not unreasonable.

If you're worried about overfeeding, why not check with your vet the exact amount of food you should be feeding him. 

And don't forget about any treats you give him during the day - all these calories soon add up!

Hope I've helped.