How To Play 'Find It!' Puppy Games

Once he gets the hang of it your Cocker will love this game, after all, it's what they do best, isn't it?

Most dogs enjoy playing 'Find It!' puppy games but your Cocker Spaniel puppy will especially love this game as he's a natural hunter and retriever!

Black and white cocker spaniel playing puppy games - fetch it is his favourite!

And as well as being great fun, it's a good way of using up your dog's energy - both physically and mentally.

  • First ask your dog to 'Sit' and 'Wait'.

  • Then put a treat in your hand and let him sniff it before hiding it. Make it easy at first; let your puppy see where you hide the treat before you ask him to 'Find It!'.

  • When he 'finds' his treat, let him have it, and don't forget to praise him for getting it right.

  • Repeat this exercise a few times each day until he gets the hang of it.

As he gets better at finding the treat make it a little more difficult for him; don't let your puppy see where you hide the treat.

You can later progress to hiding treats in another room; behind a door; just underneath furniture; but don't make it too difficult for him.

Don't worry if he doesn't find them quickly; the idea is to stimulate your puppy's mind and get him to work off any excess energy.

Teaching your Cocker Spaniel to play Find It games will keep him occupied for ages - well at least until you've enjoyed a quiet cuppa on your own!

Puppy playtime is a real fun time for your Cocker Spaniel puppy - they love to run, romp and roll around!

Puppy play is not only about having fun - it's also about keeping your puppy stimulated, both physically and mentally, and that's got to be good for your puppy!

We've jotted a few down for you to help you get started - although I'm sure that's not necessary!

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