Why Won't My Dog Listen to a Word I Say?

Why won't my dog listen to me? I have a 13-month-old female Cocker Spaniel who only listens and obeys when she wants to!

She is so playful and energetic, but she will not comply with the listening thing unless she feels like it. She's been to puppy kindergarten, and I have tried treats as rewards, but nothing has worked so far.

Light buff cocker spaniel sitting by her crateWhy won't my cocker spaniel listen to me?

Every single day it's a struggle to get her to come inside; my dog doesn't listen to me, ever!

I know she loves being out back and playing in the yard, but in the morning and at night, it's hard to get her to pay attention, never mind do what I ask of her!

I crate her every night, but only sometimes during the day. She runs away when I get ready to go to work, so I can't crate her.

When I don't crate her during the day, she destroys and tears up everything in my room. I know she does this out of boredom, but I have given her toys and challenging toys, but she still is very naughty.

She just got spayed in December, but that only calmed down the urge to hump the other dog. Believe me, I'm thankful for that, but the hard-headedness has got to end.

Any suggestions, please?

By: Jackie

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Dog Doesn't Listen!

By: Jackie

Hi Everyone; thanks for the feedback.

Wow, I forgot that I had posted this.

Sadly, my sweet Lexy has since passed away from Liver disease. She passed this past October but lived much longer than the Vet and the specialist expected.

I loved Lexy with all of my heart, and although she was mischievous, I can't tell you how much I miss her and her naughty behaviour now. Lexy eventually matured and grew out of most of her naughty puppy behaviour.

I am so blessed that the Lord allowed me to be her mom. She brought me so much joy and happiness. No other dog could ever take her place in my heart. I hope I gave her the best 3 years of her life because I know she gave that to me.

I did not have Lexy put down but instead took her home to die, and she did in my arms. I am still mourning her death and have not even put away her bed, blanket or toys. Occasionally my other Cocker Lady will sleep in Lexy's bed, which brings me joy.

She is truly missed by me, and I think about her every day. Sometimes with tears in my eyes, and other times with a smile.

RIP Lexy

Rest in Peace
By: Cocker Lover

Rest in peace, sweet Lexy.  xxx

Thank You

Thank you
By: Jackie

Thank you so much, Cocker Lover. Just reading this brings tears to my eyes. I still have not accepted her death yet, and she is very much in my thoughts every single day.

Why Won't My Dog Listen?

Why Won't My Dog Listen?
By: Anonymous

Hi, I'd try giving her some obedience classes or at least trying some obedience training at home. Teach her (or re-teach) to sit, stay, and down, as well as the recall command. Practice it until she does exactly what you ask, as soon as you request it.

I regularly practice these commands with my Cocker even though he's 6 years old - it just seems to keep him 'on the ball'.

Good luck, and I hope this works for you.

My Cocker Spaniel Puppy Won't Listen

It sounds like your puppy has way too much energy.

Do you walk her every day to burn off that excess energy? She needs about an hour's walk every day. Throw a ball or a stick for her to fetch. This will get her running, giving her lots of aerobic exercise.

Leaving her in the yard is not the same as walking her and letting her run around.

Don't get me wrong, being outdoors is much better for her than being inside, and I'm sure she loves her yard, but it's simply not enough.

As for not listening to you, have you tried re-training her from scratch? It sure sounds like your dog is calling the shots! :)

By: Arlene

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