My Cocker Has So Many Ticks!

Ticks Just Love Dogs!

Ticks Just Love Dogs!

Why does my Cocker Spaniel have so many ticks?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Your dog may pick up ticks if he's walked in the countryside, or through fields where there's lots of sheep and at this time of year, they're quite prolific!

These parasites view our Cocker Spaniels as prime real estate. They lurk in the undergrowth until they feel the vibration or the heat from our dogs and will jump aboard as our Cockers pass merrily on their way.

That's why it's important to check your dog for ticks and fleas after he's been rooting through long grass, verges, hedges, undergrowth, etc.

Dog ticks are quite nasty little parasites and can be harmful to both dogs and their owners, passing on nasty diseases.

Checking for dog fleas and dog ticks should also be incorporated into your cocker spaniel's grooming routine to ensure they're spotted early.

Although grooming your Cocker can sometimes seem a never-ending process, if you do a little every day, or every couple of days, it won't seem so cumbersome and your Cocker Spaniel will be looking his best at all times (as well as being a bug free zone!)

It's important to treat your dog regularly against ticks and fleas - don't leave it until you see the signs otherwise you may end up with a flea infestation!

Once they get into your carpets and furnishings, they can be difficult to shift - besides, it's not very nice is it?

You can buy many tick and flea treatments on-line or in your local pet store, and if you prefer, there are many natural flea controls available too.

Flea treatments are very easy to use, however, if you're not sure, you can learn more about applying flea medication here.

If you read the articles stemming from the links on this page, they will give you a better understanding of why your cocker spaniel has so many ticks and how to deal with them.

Good luck!

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So Many Ticks!
by: Anonymous

Ticks usually thrive in the warm weather so if you've had a warm spell this may account for why your dog has so many.

The best thing you can do is to check him after a walk, especially if you've walked him in long grass, and remove any that you find.

Then check him again towards the end of the day or first thing the very next morning to pick up the rest (if there are any). If any have fed on your dog you'll be able to find them very easily as they will feel like a small spot. Remove them carefully and kill them before you dispose of them. I usually flush them down the toilet.

If you use a tick collar these pests won't hang about for long.

So Many Dog Ticks!
by: Anonymous

You need to check your dog for ticks after every walk and in places where you wouldn't expect to find them.

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