My Cocker Spaniel Won't Come Back To Me!

by Kathleen durrell

This beautiful cocker spaniel loves the snow, but always comes back when called.

This beautiful cocker spaniel loves the snow, but always comes back when called.

When I take my Cocker Spaniel to my local park and let him off the lead, he will never come back to me when I call him.

I end up going all around the park to try and get him back to put his lead back on.

He is 15 months old and very intelligent and so lovable, and the only problem I have with him is getting him to return to me on command.

At the moment, I am scared to let him off the lead, as it takes me ages to get him back.

I have to say, he loves being free to play with all the other dogs, but as I say it's a job to get him to return to me.

I will be most grateful for any advice you can give me. Where am I going wrong?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

I fully sympathise with you on this one, however, as I'm sure you're aware, it's vital that your dog learns to respond to your recall as soon as you issue the command.

And, in a serious situation, responding to it could be the difference between life and death - let's hope not, eh?

I recommend you re-teach him this command; start again from scratch. You'll find the article on teaching your puppy the recall command here.

The recommendation below is spot on - lots of practice until your dog responds first time. Don't forget to continue practising when you're out on walks so that he doesn't become rusty - keep him on his toes.

I wish you lots of luck!

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Cocker Spaniel Recall
by: Anonymous

My 1 year cocker spaniel comes back to me sometimes but when he sees another dog he runs to the other dogs to play.

He does know his recall, but only when he chooses to!

What can I do to stop this?

Recall Command
by: Anonymous

Perhaps you should try teaching him the recall command from scratch. It sounds like he didn't really 'get it' the first time, or it wasn't reinforced enough for him to respond quickly and on the first request.

I think the instructions for the recall command are on the 'How To Train Your Puppy' tab.

My advice would be practice, practice and practice some more.

Good luck!

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