Wound On Leg

by Donna
(Denbighshire, North Wales)

Cocker Spaniel's Love Playing On The Beach!

Cocker Spaniel's Love Playing On The Beach!

Hi, I have a male rescue cocker spaniel. He's approximately four years old and we have had him for two years now. I just got back from the vet as he has a wound on his leg. The vet said it's either a histiocytoma or a mast cell tumour.

I've never heard of either of these let alone have any experience of them.

Does anyone have any experience of these? It's on his hind leg, just below the knee. I'll do some checking on the internet but thought I would ask here too. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Donna and Boris

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Cocker Spaniel with Mast Cell Tumor
by: Anonymous

I know a little about this as I once had a cocker with mast cell tumors. It was a good few years ago now and my memory is a little rusty, but here goes.....

Mast cells can be found all through your dog's body - they help to settle inflammation and allergies.

Mast cell tumors are fairly common in dogs and can appear anywhere on its body.

These lumps come in all shapes and sizes and can change shape quite quickly. There can be one lump or more, like a cluster.

They don't always appear on the skin either, I understand that they can also appear inside the body.

My vet didn't know what causes them but mast cell tumors can appear in dogs at any age, although he thought they were more likely to be cancerous in older dogs.

He did a test on both lumps and the results showed that they weren't cancerous. The vet said that this was good new as the MCTs could be surgically removed.

Not all tumors are cancerous and most vets will recommend a biopsy before any treatment to see if it's cancerous.

My dog was back to her normal self within a couple of weeks.

We kept a close eye on her but she didn't develop any more tumors - thankfully - and she went on to live to the ripe old age of 13!

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