White Nose Syndrome!

by Greg

Snow Nose Syndrome In Dogs

Snow Nose Syndrome In Dogs

My son's Spaniel's black nose has started to turn white in patches!

What has caused this and will it go back to normal?

Greg on behalf of Alfie :-)

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Dog's noses often change colour; sometimes the colour will return but in many cases, depending upon the problem, the colour will never return.

There are a few reasons why a dog's nose may change colour, for example, vitaligo, snow nose, an allergy to plastics, nasal dermatitis, to name just a few.

From what you say though, it sounds like it could be snow nose.

When a dog develops snow nose, the first thing you notice is the dog's nose begins to change colour. It usually fades to brown but can also lose all pigmentation and turn white.

It was originally thought that cold weather causes it (hence the name) but it's been reported that many dogs living in warmer climates can also develop this condition.

If your son's dog is getting on in years, the colour may not return, however, if he's still young, his nose may return to the original colour.

Some vets recommend vitamin E and/or seaweed tablets to help get the colour back.

Snow nose isn't associated with any disease, so I don't think it will threaten the dog's health, however, I recommend your son has a chat with his vet so that he can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment, if any.

By the way, some Cockers have an allergy to plastics which can cause a colour change in the nose. So if your son's cocker spaniel eats out of a plastic bowl, it might be a good idea to change it to a metal or ceramic bowl, just as a precaution.

Hope this helps!

PS: I live in Kirk Deighton and often walk my Cocker on the Harland Way cycle path - I'll keep an eye out for a black Cocker Spaniel with a white nose!

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Snow Nose
by: Anonymous

I never knew plastic bowls could cause this - I did know it was advisable not to feed your dog out of a plastic bowl, but never knew why.


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