How To Stop Dogs From Barking
Using A Correction Collar

You can easily stop dogs from barking by using a barking correction collar.

This is a device which you fit onto your Cocker Spaniel's collar and, depending on which type of correction device you buy, can emit either a noise, a mild electric shock, or a dose of citronella (lemon juice), each time he barks.

Stop dogs from barking with a collar like this

The device is triggered when a small microphone in the collar picks up the sound of your dog's barking, or by a remote control handset activated by the owner each time their dog is barking excessively.

The momentary 'shock' received from a correction device is enough to stop dogs from barking. It works by startling the dog which literally interrupts their flow of barking; it shocks them into being quiet.

Because the correction is given immediately, your Cocker Spaniel will soon begin to associate it with his barking and will soon learn to stop.

Although the current used in these devices is minimal, and safe, we don't recommend you use the this method of correction to stop dogs from barking as we believe it's more of a punishment for barking, rather than a means of distraction.

It's probably better to use the citronella spray to help stop dogs from barking as it's much kinder than giving your Cocker Spaniel an electric shock - even if it is only a mild one!

Although your dog will find the spray of citronella unpleasant, it won't harm him. He'll begin to associate the spray with his barking and will soon stop. You'll then be able to remove the collar completely.

If you believe the correction device frightens or alarms your dog, please find an alternative barking deterrent to interrupt his flow of barking; for example, throw him a ball, or his favourite toy. There are many alternative methods that you can try to help stop barking dogs from becoming a nuisance - see those listed at the bottom of this page.

Tips On How To Stop Dogs From Barking

A couple of points to note when considering using a barking correction collar to stop dogs from barking:

  • Your Cocker Spaniel may be punished unfairly when another dog's bark is picked up by the device - not really suitable if you've got more than one barking dog.

  • There may be a small possibility that, if used too often, your Cocker Spaniel may become accustomed to the citronella spray, rendering the device ineffective.

  • Don't forget to reward your dog when he's quiet.

Stop Dogs From Barking With Reward-Based Training

Although the barking correction device is a punishment based training method, we try to promote reward based training wherever we can.

We recognize, however, that sometimes it may be necessary to use punishment based training methods where a dog is failing to respond to a reward based approach.

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