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This Is My Field Cocker Spaniel, Sebastian

This Is My Field Cocker Spaniel, Sebastian


I have just bought a field cocker. I got him from a kennel which is a registered rescue centre. I am not sure of his age but I think he's around 5 months old.

When I picked him up the lady said he hadn't been eating very much and he is thin, but since bringing him home I have been giving him puppy food soaked in water with a fresh free range egg from our chickens.

He eats it so quickly and I'm worried I'm not giving him enough! I feed him in the morning with the egg and then again at about 5 just with water.

How much in grams do you think he should have a day?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Lynsey,

What a little cutie Sebastian is! It sounds like you're doing a fab job of looking after him and nurturing him back to his full health.

Generally speaking, dogs should be fed the equivalent of around 2/3 percent of their body weight. So for example, if your pet weighs 10kg then he should be fed between 200 and 300 grams of food per day, split into two meals.

Puppies need extra nutrition because their little bodies are growing and developing very quickly.

Check out the puppy food packaging. You'll see an ingredients label and a chart which will probably give the recommended amount of puppy food depending on the weight of your pup.

Take a note of this and carefully weigh it out into a plastic cup. Draw a line on the outside of the cup to the level of the kibble. This will make it easier for you each meal time and will save you from having to weigh his food every day.

I'd also check your puppy for worms, especially if he's eating well and doesn't seem to be putting on weight.

I wouldn't worry about how fast he's eating - lots of dogs wolf their food down, but if you want to slow him down a little, you could try hand feeding him for a while or you can buy specially designed food bowls that help your dog to eat more slowly.

Another idea, what about putting his food inside a Kong or something like that? He'll have to work hard to get his food and it will keep him occupied too.

If you're really worried about your puppy, why not pop along to your local vet and let him give Sebastian the once over? This will put your mind at rest and if there's anything wrong your vet will spot it and be able to treat it.

S(he) will also be able to give you advice on the correct nutrition and the best diet for your puppy.

Looking forward to an update us on Sebastian's progress - when you get the chance.

Good luck and enjoy your Cocker Spaniel!

Kisses and hugs to Sebastian!

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Wolfing His Food Down
by: Darren

Hi there!

I too have a cocker spaniel who eats his food too quickly. He always has, right from when he was a puppy. In fact, I half expected him to become aggressive around his food, but it never happened, thankfully.

I've tried putting his food in toys like the Kong and it slows him down a little but he's mastered this now and can easily get his food out.

Eating quickly hasn't harmed my dog, so I thought I'd post this so that you don't worry about yours.

Just trying to help.

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