My Cocker Spaniel Stinks - A Lot!

by Marnee

Stinky Spaniel - Who Me?

Stinky Spaniel - Who Me?

My Cocker Spaniel stinks!

She starts to stink just an hour after she has taken a bath.

Why? And what can I do?

Reply from Pauline - Website Owner

What a little cutie!

I would recommend you check a couple of things:

Check her mouth

Our Cocker Spaniel (Max) very often gets what's commonly known as 'Cocker Mouth' and it absolutely stinks!

It happens as a result of not wiping or cleaning their mouths and food and moisture get trapped in the fur and folds around the lips. This creates ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and thrive and this is where the foul smell comes from.

The food in the fur around the bottom lip can harden as it dries so you may need to soak it off.

If it's not too bad, you may be able to simply wipe or wash it away, however, if may be wise to visit to the vet.

Max was prescribed a course of antibiotics and a small tub of antibiotic wipes (which we managed to get much cheaper on-line). They worked very well and we now keep them on hand and at the first signs of 'that smell' we get them out and give him a good clean.

We also try to remember to wipe his mouth with a baby wipe after each meal, but...

Check Her Ears

If your cocker spaniel has an ear infection, the bacteria in her ears could be causing a smell.

I recommend you read the following:

Learn more about your Cocker Spaniel's Ears,

Ear Infection In Dogs,

Symptoms Of Dog Ear Infection,

How To Keep Your Cocker Spaniel's Ears Clean.

The information in these articles will help you to keep your cockers ear in tip top condition!

Check Out Her Bottom!

If the smell is not coming from her mouth it may be the glands in her bottom. Check out this article on anal glands for more information. You'll also learn how to clear them if you discover that that is the problem and the glands are blocked.

If it's neither of these, perhaps one of our visitors can help?

If you're at all worried about her, or your cocker spaniel is showing any signs of ill-health, we recommend you go and see the vet immediately.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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My female Cocker Spaniel smells great...
by: Anonymous

My female Cocker Spaniel smells great... it could be what you are feeding her. I also finally gave in and started taking my little girl to a professional groomer. Good Luck!

by: Daphne

Go to the vet. Our welsh spaniel just had an operation after a long time struggling with it! Bad bacteria is very difficult to treat!

I am happy we had it done !

Antibiotic Dog Wipes
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Donna,

The Antibiotic wipes I use for Max are called Dermapet MalAcetic Wet Wipes/Dry Bath.

They are clinic size/strength and there's 100 5" x 7" wipes in each tub.

Just in case you can't get them, and have to find an alternative, I believe the key ingredients are 2% Acetic Acid and 2% Boric Acid.

If after using these, it still doesn't clear up, perhaps another trip to the vet (yes, more expense!) is in order. ;-)

Good luck!

Antibiotic Wipes For Dogs
by: Donna

What is the name of the Anti-biotic wipes you use on your dogs lips?

I have owned 4 Cocker Spaniels and this is the first time I have had an issue with the gland and the bottom lip infected, or should I say wet and with probably fungal infection?

She was put on Antibiotics which cleared to some degree, but we're still having issues.

Thank you..

Ear Infection
by: Anonymous

Your cocker may have an ear infection.

The discharge from the ears will stink. Take her, immediately to the vet! She needs antibiotics to get well.

The vet can teach you about preventive steps to take so it does not recur, including drops.

It is also imporatnt to limit the amount of sugar she eats (sugar turns to yeast in the body and causes yeast infections in the ear. There is sugar hidden in a lot of dog treats and even food. Read the labels carefully.

She'll be a happier healthier dog if she does not have the constant terrible pain that these infections involve.

It Certainly Works!
by: Jane

That certainly worked for my cocker spaniel -thanks Bev!

Stinky dog
by: Bev

I would try a very mild apple cider vinegar and water rinse - 1 part vinegar and 5 parts water.

Pour it over your cocker spaniel and leave for a minute, then rinse.

Good for human hair and skin as well.

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