Benefits of Holistic Dog Food

Holistic dog food takes care of your pet's entire body and well-being. Healthy, quality nutrition can help to treat many ailments such as skin conditions, allergies, joint problems and intestinal diseases. Discover how your Cocker could benefit from a holistic diet.

Benefits of Holistic Dog Food

A Healthier Cocker Spaniel

A holistic diet will improve the overall health of your Cocker Spaniel. Holistic dog food can offer the following health benefits, in no particular order of importance:

Holistic dog food helps to keep the entire body healthyHolistic dog food heals the whole body
  • it supports the immune system;
  • affords better, easier digestion;

  • fewer, better bowel movements;
  • helps prevent diseases and illness;
  • increases your pet's energy;
  • can help to maintain a healthy weight;
  • strengthens the body (muscles, bones, etc);
  • strengthens organs such as liver, heart, intestines, stomach.

It goes without saying that holistic dog food improves your dog's health, but it can help him to love a longer life too! 

High Quality, Nutritious Food

A holistic diet is rich in high quality, nutritious and natural food which will feed your pet's entire body.

What it won't contain are:

  • animal by-products,
  • artificial colors, 
  • artificial preservatives
  • fillers, such as corn.

If you're not sure what the term animal by-products means, please let me explain. Chicken by-product meal will contain most parts of the chicken (except for the meat, that's sold to us humans!).

So what we're left with is skin, bone, gluten, necks, intestines (emptied and cleaned) which are then dried and ground. Yuk! I'm sure you won't want to feed that to your dog!

Fewer Allergies & Skin Problems

Your dog is less likely to suffer from allergies or skin ailments if he's fed holistic dog food.

That's because you won't find any artificial ingredients (found in cheaper, less nutritious dog food) which are often the culprit for skin breakouts and allergies.

It's Cheaper!

Yes, that's right, I said cheaper!

I know at first it may seem expensive, but holistic dog food can actually work out less costly.

Because it's packed full of nutritional goodness, your dog won't need to eat as much because the high quality nutrition will keep him feeling fuller for longer (and without any of the artificial fillers!).

So, you'll find your dog's food will last longer, which in the long run, means it works out cheaper.

What Is A Holistic Dog Food Diet?

Now we know what the benefits of a holistic dog food diet can offer our pets, here's a little more explaining exactly what the word holistic means.

'Holistic' used in the context of dog food relates to a diet that takes care of the entire well-being of your pet.

One of the ways we can do this is by feeding our dogs good quality ingredients that will not only feed his hunger, but will 'feed' his entire body.

A holistic diet will treat the cause of any symptoms, not just the recurring symptoms themselves; it's about treating the entire condition of the body.

For example, your vet can treat your dog's ongoing diarrhoea problem quite easily, but what's the point of treating the diarrhoea without first trying to find out what's causing it?

Holistic Dog Food: What's In It?

Holistic foods contain high quality ingredients; foods that are wholesome and natural and don't contain chemicals, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. For example:

  • high quality proteins: fish, lamb, chicken, pork, etc.,
  • fresh vegetables,
  • fresh fruits,
  • whole grains such as oatmeal,
  • brown or white rice,
  • omega fatty acids,
  • vitamin or mineral supplements,
  • probiotics to help digestion,
  • fibre.

In short, it's all good stuff!

If In Doubt, Check The Ingredients Label

If you're not sure what's in your dog's food, check the ingredients label on the packaging.

If the ingredient at the top of the list is a protein (for example, chicken) that's a good sign, as it indicates that chicken is the main ingredient in the food.

Avoid anything which lists 'meat meal' as the main ingredient as this could be any type of meat or mixed meats.

Blue roan cocker spaniel with soulful eyesI'm hungry Mum

Potatoes, whole grain rice and peas are easily digestible starches and a great source of good carbohydrates, but if any of these are at the top of the list, it means the carbohydrate levels are higher than the protein levels.

Avoid foods which list corn, wheat, or soybean (known as 'fillers') as the main ingredient; apart from being too high in carbs, these types of carbohydrates are not only difficult to digest, they're also known to cause allergies in some dogs.

And of course, if the label lists 'by-products' as ingredients, main or otherwise, don't buy it. It is not good protein!

Fats are essential to any diet, but make sure you know the source of the fats. For example, avoid 'animal fats' unless they specify the animal otherwise you can't be sure of the quality of fats. Omega oils are good.

Follow this link if you'd like to learn more about interpreting dog food ingredients listed on the manufacturer's packaging.

Holistic Pet Food: Why Not Make Your Own?

Holistic healing treats the underlying 'disease' or problem, not just the symptom and that well known phrase, 'You are what you eat' is a great example of holistic healing.

Lovely cocker spaniel lying quietly, waiting for his dinner.

With this in mind, you could easily make your own holistic dog food with high-end, quality ingredients and meat from good local butchers.

If you decide to make your own pet food, I think it's best if you have a chat with your vet first. Let him know what you plan to do, show him a couple of recipes you intend to use and ask if he thinks your Cocker Spaniel's nutritional needs will be met.

Even better, your vet may even have a few recipes and ideas to help you prepare tasty, nutritious holistic dog food dinners for your best boy.

I often feed Max on brown rice, peas, grated carrot and whatever meat or fish we're having that day. I try to keep the ratios to between 20% protein (because he's now 10 years old and also castrated so he needs less protein), 35% carbohydrates and 45% vegetables.

I also drop an omega oil capsule into his food a couple of times a week to help keep his skin, eyes, coat and joints healthy.

It's great fun making your own holistic dog food and Max certainly enjoys it as he 'wolfs it down' and continues to lick his bowl long after it's gone! He thrives on it!

Follow the link for a few of our 'secret' recipes!

The old saying, 'You are what you eat,' doesn't only apply to humans, it's also true of dogs. If you feed your pet with good quality, nutritious food his health and well-being will improve.

Isn't your faithful and loyal best friend worth that little extra?

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