Cocker Spaniel Puppy Vomiting

by Saroj Shrestha
(Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal)

Happy Cocker Spaniel Puppy!

Happy Cocker Spaniel Puppy!

I just bought a 35 day-old cocker spaniel puppy yesterday. Since yesterday he seems lazy. But today he is vomiting continuously within a minute or two. It looks like spit or snot-like saliva which is white in colour.

Can anyone please help me to cure my baby pup ?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Saroj, I'm really sorry to hear your puppy is unwell, but I wouldn't wait for an answer here, please take your puppy to see a vet immediately. He or she will be able to make a professional diagnosis and offer prompt treatment.

If your puppy isn't checked out his situation may quickly escalate beyond the point of no return - puppies are very vulnerable at this age.

Your vet will want to know a little about your puppy's background, such as;

  • What are you feeding him?
  • Did you get 'food' from the breeder? If so, what was it?
  • Has he easy access to water (puppies can easily de-hydrate and it's often difficult to re-hydrate them without help from your vet) and if so when was the last time he drank, and how much?
  • Does your puppy have diarrhea?
  • How long has he been sick and how often does he try to vomit?
  • Are there any other symptoms?
You say your puppy is vomiting continuously and has been 'lazy'. It's fairly obvious that you puppy sounds unwell - this is ringing alarm bells for me which is why I recommend you take him to the vets immediately.

I'm assuming he's not had access to anything toxic, so we can rule that out.

Your puppy's vomiting could be a sign of parvo virus which can have very serious consequences, especially for a pup so young and he may have to be hospitalized to save him, but only if it's parvo virus.

He may have intestinal parasites which will need diagnosing by your vet and suitable medication from him/her in order to treat them.

Get him to drink as much water as you can and please, call your vet.

I sincerely hope he gets the treatment he needs and gets better soon - please let me know how he gets on.

Kind regards,

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Addison's Diease
by: Anonymous

Vomiting could also be an indicator of Addison's diease.

35 Day Old Puppy
by: Anonymous

You have bought a 35 day old puppy. At that age he should not be away from his mother, there is no wonder he is ill. Please take him to the vet to be checked and get some substitute puppy milk while you are there.

Puppies should be at least 8 weeks old when leaving their mother, that's 2 months. Your puppy is half that age and needs the care of its mother.

Puppy Is Vomiting
by: Anonymous

Please don't wait any longer. You really need to get your puppy to a vet and quick - he could be dying and it's not worth the risk of waiting a couple of days to see if he gets over it - he may not.

I'm sorry to be so brusque, but I think this is an emergency.

Good luck - I hope he's okay.

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