Cocker Spaniel Losing Weight

by Doug Busher
(West Branch, Iowa, USA)

My Cocker Spaniel Is Losing Weight Fast!

My Cocker Spaniel Is Losing Weight Fast!

My 13 year-old cocker is losing weight fast. She doesn't want to go for walks or eat her treats which is most unusual.

She has had blood work done and it came back good.

What do I do?

I'm not ready to let her go, please help me.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner and Author)

Doug, I'm so sorry - your last sentence broke my heart.

Your Cocker Spaniel is in her 'winter years' and won't be able to do what she could in her youth. She's slowing down and she won't want to go for long walks - perhaps she has a little arthritis?

Has your vet checked her teeth and gums? It may be she has problems in her mouth that could be causing her pain to eat. See if she'll lick a little peanut butter off your finger - it may be that normal treats are too hard for her gums and teeth right now.

Why not phone your vet and ask him to expand on his findings? He says the blood work is good, but what's his opinion on her condition? What does he think is ailing your Cocker Spaniel?

For now, I recommend you spend lots of quality time with her. Sit by her side and cuddle her, look into her eyes and talk to her.

If she's not up to walking far, then leave her and let her rest. What's the harm?

We all need to let our dogs go sometime and I truly hope it's not your time yet.

Good luck Doug.

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Cocker Losing Weight
by: John

Yes, I agree. Go back to your vet and ask why your dog is losing weight. You do need an answer. I can't believe your vet let you leave without understanding what the problem was. Okay, so the blood work shown everything was normal, but it's obvious your dog is suffering from something.

I really hope your dog is okay.

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