Cocker Spaniel For An Apartment

by Kayleigh

Cocker Spaniels Can Be Happy In An Apartment

Cocker Spaniels Can Be Happy In An Apartment

I have wanted an English Cocker Spaniel for years and now live with my partner in an apartment. We don't have a garden but we have a private field literally behind the house which is for residents only but it also allows their dogs.

The problem is that I'm not sure if a cocker spaniel would be okay in an apartment, but I know that I could give them a lot of exercise in the field everyday.

We have a relatively good sized apartment which has lots of room for the dog to have privacy and to roam around.

Also what is the longest amount of time a spaniel can be left alone?

We don't want to get a dog until we are absolutely sure that we can completely take care of their needs.

Any comments would be welcome :)

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Our Socker Is Just Fine In An Apartment
by: Nat

Our cocker was brought up in an apartment and he's completely fine with it. The key is to keep him as active as possible when outside.

We don't have a garden either, but we live near a forest and a river so he gets long walks very often (not every single day but then he gets long walks around the block 3x a day).

He's alright on a leash but his happiest moments are when running freely in a forest, being able to sniff to his heart's content and get plenty of exercise (he has a lot of energy and a very muscular body).

He loves coming home to his apartment, where he loves to sleep and play and when he gets home he tends to pick up a toy straight away to demonstrate that he's happy to be home.

We're not very busy people so we have plenty of time for him. Quite often, we go to the countryside (huge house with a garden) and although he likes to potter around the garden, he prefers the terrace and being with us and his long walks.

When we travel with the car (a lot), most of the time we take him with us and as he's a very curious dog, discovering new places keeps him happy, active and stimulated.

Apartments and Cockers
by: Button's Mommy

I have had my cocker spaniel for 5 years in a one-bedroomed apartment. It's the perfect space for him.

Just be willing to take nice walks with them as they are very active dogs.

Cocker Spaniel In An Apartment
by: Anonymous

Cocker spaniels don't usually do well in an apartment, and that's usually because apartments don't usually have gardens for them to run around in.

However, if you have a field that he can exercise in, that should be fine. Just remember to throw a ball for him so that he gets aerobic exercise too.

I don't like to leave dogs on their own for long, but if I had to, I will leave mine for up to 5 or 6 hours - certainly no longer - and we gradually worked up to this.

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