Buying Two Brother Cocker Spaniel Puppies?

by Bob Locke

Raising Two Cocker Spaniel Puppies Is Not Recommended!

Raising Two Cocker Spaniel Puppies Is Not Recommended!

We're buying a cocker spaniel puppy. He has a twin brother and we're considering buying both, but we've read that this may not be a good idea and that they may not get on with each other.

Any advice please?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Bob!

You're right, it's not a good idea to have two puppies at the same time, in fact, a responsible breeder is highly unlikely to allow two puppies from the same litter to go to one family.

There are many reasons for this, some as follows:

  • One of which is financial - having two puppies in the house means twice the costs.

    You have to consider whether or not you can afford two lots of vet fees, twice the feeding costs, double grooming fees, training school for two puppies, and if you ever intend to board your dogs, there will be boarding fees too!

  • Puppies take a lot of looking after, but two puppies will take twice as long - do you have the time? A new puppy care routine can take a good two or three hours out of your day, spread across the whole day an most of the night - imagine how much time you'd need for two puppies.

  • Dogs learn form each other - bad behavior as well as good behavior - unless you're an expert dog trainer, you'll more than likely end up with two very mischievous puppies!

  • There is a danger of your puppies bonding with each other and not with you or any other human.

My recommendation would be for you to enjoy one puppy - give him your complete love and attention and when he's around 1 year old, you then consider getting another puppy. By that time your 1 year old will be well-trained and will probably teach your new puppy good habits, not bad ones.

As an added bonus, your puppy will still be young enough to want to play with your new puppy.

Hope this helps - good luck!

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I Did It, And Survived!
by: Anonymous

I adopted two brothers from the same litter. Yes, twice the expense, twice the work, BUT they are good company for one another.

Totally different in temperament, one is bold and really energetic and fun whilst the other is more fearful, hates walking in the rain or getting his feet wet and would spend all day on your lap if he were allowed.

I was worried about them fighting but the vet advised getting the dominant one fixed. As it turned out, we had them both neutered and have never had the slightest trouble between them, not even a growl.

I can only say that maybe I was lucky.....who knows?

I Totally Disagree
by: John Bedson

I have two Cocker Spaniel puppies right now and it is fantastic. Cockers need company and not just human company. They need the company of another Cocker Spaniel. I would go so far as to say that to have one Cocker puppy on its own is cruel bordering on abuse of the poor animal. My last Cocker spent twelve and a half years on its own and it breaks my heart to think that I did that to my beloved dog. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Cockers love people and they love other Cockers. No way will they bond with each other and ignore their human owners. They love their Cocker companion and they love their human owners and they love visitors and they would love a criminal come to steal from your house. They just love everybody and everything. They are nuts!

There is only seven weeks between my two Cocker Spaniel puppies and it has worked out so well that we are going to get a third as soon as possible. When we brought the second Cocker puppy home it transformed our first puppy and made it the happiest dog in the world to be able to share all it's toys, food, bed and everything else with a friend.

So shame on you cruel owners who only get one Cocker Spaniel puppy and condemn it to a life of loneliness and depression. Buy at least one more at the same time and let the fun begin!

Another view
by: Anonymous

I disagree. I have two brothers from same litter - show strain. They are playful obedient loving and bonded with us. They're an absolute joy, and yes...twice the expense, but more than worth it.

Buying 2 Pups
by: Anonymous

Don't do it!

We did and we had to give one up, it was totally heartbreaking. Any good breeder wouldn't let you buy two puppies.

Don't Do It!
by: Anonymous

Please, don't do it? :)

You will regret it. At first you might think it's twice the fun to have two little puppies at the same time but it won't be long before you're regretting it.

Two puppies tend to bond with eachother and ignore their human pack.

Also, if one of them is much stronger than the other, you will find that he will heavily dominate the more subservient puppy - he may even become aggressive towards it.

I would recommend you wait around 12 months before getting another puppy.

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