Are Cocker Spaniels Prone
To Breathing Problems?

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Playing With Her Toy - Cute!

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Playing With Her Toy - Cute!

Are cocker spaniels prone to breathing problems?

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

You don't offer much information for me to work with so I have given a general reply, however, if your cocker spaniel is having difficulty breathing, I strongly recommend you get him to a vet immediately.

Generally, I don't think Cockers suffer from breathing problems.

However, if your cocker has an allergy, that may contribute to his difficulty in breathing. You would need to determine what was causing the allergy, for example, a certain food, and remove it from his diet. Your vet will do this for you.

I have read somewhere that some small to medium sized breeds of dog can sometimes make a wheezing noise (for no apparent reason) that could sound as though they are having difficulty breathing.

They're not actually wheezing but sneezing inwardly - I know, it sounds very odd, doesn't it?

There doesn't seem to be anything in particular that triggers it, but it has been associated with becoming over-excited.

If your dog is doing this, what may help is a gentle massage on his throat with your fingertips.

If this doesn't work, you could try blowing into your dog's nose very softly. This will 'force' your dog to swallow and will help to calm him down.

If your cocker is panting and finds it difficult to lie on his side he may be suffering from a condition called "orthopnea" which is caused by fluid on the lungs.

If your dog is upright, the fluid will sink to the bottom of his lungs, making it easier to breathe, however, if he lays on his side, he will find it difficult to breathe properly.

This condition is often associated with congestive heart failure.

Please note: I am not a vet. I strongly recommend you get your cocker spaniel to his vet for a professional diagnosis and treatment.

Good luck - I hope your cocker is better soon.

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To Breathing Problems?

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Snuffling and Wheezing
by: Tom

My dog, Rubble, does the same thing - it sounds just like he's sneezing but inwardly instead of a normal sneeze.

He does it when he gets too excited - which is quite often - it really freaked my out the first time I heard it, I can tell you!

Anyways, the vet recommended blowing up his nostrils to 'shock' him out of it. Apparently it makes them want to swallow and after they swallow, they automatically breath out through their noses.

This seems to calm them down.

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