Aggressive Cocker Spaniel

by Roisin
(United Kingdom)

I'm Not An Aggressive Cocker Spaniel

I'm Not An Aggressive Cocker Spaniel

I have a golden Cocker Spaniel and an American Bulldog - they were both bought at the same time and are now 8 months old.

The Cocker Spaniel has developed aggression, mainly towards the Bulldog, over food, bed, us, and even treats we give them.

It is getting worse and worse as the days go on, he growls and attacks the American Bulldog for what seems no reason - he can be just walking past him.

I have tried everything. I have put him in the conservatory for a 'time out' but when he comes back in the room he does it again, we can repeat the process of 'time out' 5-6 times a night before we put him to bed as it just gets too much.

I really need some help - please can someone give me any advice?

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Cocker Spaniel - Sound Diversion
by: Anonymous

Hi Roisin,

I had a similar problem years back with my cocker spaniel. I tried everything and eventually had to use a trainer to help me. The trainer was great. He used a tin with pebbles inside to create the 'diversion' but he recommended changing the contents inside the tin from time to time to stop my dog getting used to the sound. I think he put coins in one time and then later changed them for marbles.

He also used other things, not just a tin, but I'm sorry it was so long ago that I can't remember.

I hope this helps a little.

by: Anonymous

Hi Dave

Thank you so much for your comments - I have tried sound diversion but he gets used to the noise and it doesn't bother him maybe it is not loud enough, do you know what Victoria used as the sound you mentioned?

Thanks for your help.


Have You Tried Sound Diversion?
by: Dave H

I was watching "it's Me Or The Dog" recently on TV and one of the owners was experiencing exactly the same thing as you have described.

In this instance sound diversion was used. As soon as the offending animal went to attack the other dog, a loud noise was made that shocked the dog that it stopped it's attack straight away.

The excercise was repeated each time the dog attacked and eventually it helped to stop it happening. There must be something on the internet about it. Hope this helps

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