Adult Cocker Pooping Overnight

I have an adult cocker pooping overnight and I'm at a loss to understand why! She only seems to do it at a certain time of the year...can you  help?

Toilet Training Problems

By: Barbara

I have an adult cocker who is pooping overnight. 

Golden cocker, and black cocker spaniel sitting, well behavedIt wasn't me! Yes it was! Not it wasn't!

During the summer she's walked lots and we have no house-training issues, but as Autumn closes in, she is reluctant to go out in the rain (really, it is her not us!) or in the dark. 

Even when we make her she still does not poop as she would normally. Inevitably we wake up to an occasional unwelcome present in the hall (which is where she sleeps) because she can no longer hold it.

She appears to know this is wrong, but it happens every year at this time.

Generally she's a well behaved dog, intelligent and eager to please, so otherwise it is totally out of character.

I don't think it helps that we spend half the year in France and half in UK and the move coincides with this time of the year.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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Cocker Won't Poop In The Rain
By: Anonymous 

I know lots of dogs that won't go out in the rain or the dark. I think you just have to persevere and continue with the walks. She might just grow out of this as she gets used to walking in the rain or at night. 

Have you tried putting her in a crate overnight? Dogs very rarely poop in their own bed - she may hold it in longer because of this.

Adult Cocker Pooping Overnight - Update 
By: Barbara

Thanks, I think you may be right.

Also, when she was a puppy we made it very clear that noise at night was unwelcome, so I think we have ingrained in her not to wake us up. 

So if she gets the urge during the night or early morning she won't ask to be let out.

I now get up and let her out about an hour earlier in the mornings and we take her out last thing at night and make a big fuss of her if she poops. 

It seems to have resolved the problem but we'll see this spring when we go back to the UK!

Cocker Spaniel Pooping Overnight
By: Anonymous

Have you considered that this might coincide with the clocks going back? Is it possible that her own body clock is out of sync and needs a little time to adjust? 

Just a thought.  :)