Why Is My Puppy Lazy And Stubborn?

by Kim



My 3 month old American Cocker Spaniel female is lazy (for a puppy) and stubborn. Is this normal? She does not romp and play and when you try to teach her basic commands she just lays down or ignores you.

She learned her name very fast but that's it.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Kim,

What a cute little cocker spaniel - she's so lovely!

I'm assuming that your vet has confirmed that your puppy is fit and healthy and that her diet is good, ie, she's fed nutritious, health dog food.

Not all puppy's run around all day (thankfully - it can be so tiring!) and those that do will have regular bouts where they simply sleep. Just like babies, they need plenty of sleep to help them grow.

Have you tried teaching your puppy some games? Puppies don't always automatically know they are supposed to run after a ball and bring it back to you. Once you've taught your puppy to play I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as you will.

You're right to be training her now - give her training exercises a couple of times each day.

As for her ignoring you when you're trying to teach her obedience commands, she's still only young and it can take a lot of patience on your part.

I would recommend you take it one step at a time and don't move on to another training command until she's mastered each one.

Are you training her when there's nothing else going on around you so that there's no distractions? That can help tremendously!

Also, you must ensure that all the family use the same training commends and signals so as not to confuse her.

You might find these tips on how to train a puppy helpful - don't give up, keep on trying and you will get there!

Good luck to you both!

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by: kim

Thanks so much for your words of advice, our puppy is doing great now. She has grown and she's almost 6 months now.

She's very active, playful and healthy, and she is learning a little at a time.

She loves to run after balls. My youngest son says he plays basketball with her, lol.

We Love Her so very much!

Lazy Puppy
by: Jake

Have you thought she might just be a lazy puppy by nature?

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