Why Does Our Cocker Spaniel Keep Looking Up At Imaginary Objects?

by Kim

Why does our cocker spaniel keep on looking up at imaginary objects?

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

Does your dog do this in one room only or does he do it in other rooms too? Answering this question may help you to get to the bottom of your dog's fascination with the ceiling!

There are several reasons why your Cocker Spaniel may be focusing on 'imaginary objects', as follows:

  • He may simply be listening to sounds above him.

  • If there's no-one above you, you may have mice under the floorboards in the room above. He could be listening to them scratching and scampering around.

  • He may simply be looking at reflections on the ceiling, particularly if they're moving. Sometimes the television can cause moving reflections - fan lights can also do the same.

  • Do you have any water pipes, air ducting, central heating pipes etc., above the ceiling? He may be listening to these.

  • Check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. They very often bleep quietly when the battery needs changing. He may be listening to a bleep but unable to determine where it's coming from.

  • An ear infection could cause him to believe he's hearing sounds above him.

  • It could be a symptom of neurological problems.

If you can rule out all except the last two on the list, I would recommend a trip to the vets - even if it's only to rule them out.

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Our Morkie Looks Up Constantly
by: Dan

Our 5 year old is now doing this constantly and there's nothing above us for her to hear except in the summer with the air conditioning ducts.

We moved to a new home which happens to be very close to a military base. She may be hearing the helicopters, planes, & other air activity.

She has always been on high alert since 8 weeks old. I hope she gets used to it and isn't have seizures of some type. We're very worried though.

by: Anonymous

Hi, my cocker does this, and after a while we realised that she was seeing whisps of her long hair above her eyes in her peripheral vision which caused her to keep looking up!

by: Anonymous

My dog has done this in a previous home. We never got to the bottom of it, but we thought it was our dog using his 'superpowers' to feel other wordly engergy - can you believe it!

We now know he was listening to the central heating pipes upstairs which we had become accustomed to and no longer noticed them.

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