Why Does My Dog Smell, Even After She's Been Bathed?

by Steven John Goodenbour
(Oxford La USA)



Why does my dog smell, even after she's been bathed? She smells like she pooped on herself. I use a citrus dog bath shampoo, one for fleas and one for just regular body odor.

She eats Purina dog food but sometimes she gets into the cat's food.

No matter how many time I bath her, or what I do to her, she smells bad all the time.

I have a Shih Tzu as well although she doesn't smell that bad.

She's also hyper around the kids and when she's playing. I try to walk her and exercise her a lot to calm her down so that she's more relaxed when the kids are playing.

Is there anything else I can do?

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My Dog Smells Too!
by: Taylor

I have had the same issues. My dog smells after having a bath and at first I thought it was her dog bed, maybe it kept her bad odor? So I clean that too.

Unfortunately, she still smells bad, not like poo though, just bad. It embarrassing. I even soak her in soap.

Good luck, sounds like we both need it.

Skin Infection?
by: Anonymous

My cocker spaniel (13 yrs old) was smelling awful also and then I noticed her skin was turning black on her belly.

The vet says that it is a yeast infection and is common in older dogs as their immune system can't fight like it used to.

Depending on the severity of the infection it can take anywhere between a week and up to 4 weeks for it to clear up with medication.

Dog Smelling
by: Anonymous

Have you tried asking your vet? It may be that her anal glands are blocked. The vet will clean and clear them for you and she'll be back to normal again.

It's not difficult, I'd do it myself but I'm too squeamish!

This site tells you how to clean dogs anal glands. Click on the titles on the left hand side - just scroll down and you'll see it.

You'll find it under Cocker Health and it's called, Anal Glands.

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