Why Does My Dog Do That?

by Mikayla Thomas
(Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin )

My Lovely Daisy!

My Lovely Daisy!

Hi it's Mikayla again. I'm just curious about cocker spaniels :). So today Daisy and I went on a walk and there was a mom and a child walking a girl Boxer and a boy American Bandogge. Well, I let the girl and the mom walk over so our dogs can meet and maybe sniff each other, but when the Boxer came close to Daisy it started snipping fast at her and I thought she was going to bite Daisy.

Then the American Bandogge came over and he started growling at Daisy (it was really big) so Daisy started barking back.

Why didn't Daisy growl or snip at the Boxer but she snipped at the bigger dog?

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Fighting Back!
by: Anonymous

I really don't know the answer to this, especially not knowing your dog (and the other dogs) or having seen it first hand.

Perhaps Daisy wasn't phased by the Boxer and decided just to ignore her, but she was frightened of the male dog and decided to stand her corner and stick up for herself?

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