Why Does My American Cocker Eat Poo?

by Angela Johnson
(Royston, Herts)

American Cocker Spaniel - He Likes To Eat Poo!

American Cocker Spaniel - He Likes To Eat Poo!

Hi, My American cocker spaniel is 15 months old and he loves to eat poo, and it doesn't matter whose it is!! If we take him for a walk, we usually let him off the lead, and if he finds a bit of poo, he'll eat it! He'll eat his own too!

I also have another American cocker, but thankfully he doesn't do it.

I have read all the reasons and he's not bored, he's on pedigree tinned food, he's been wormed, we pick it straight up as soon as he has done it in the garden...so I am stuck?

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Angela,

If you're picking up after him as soon as he's done his 'toilet' then he must be eating poo when he's out on his walk - I'm assuming off lead.

If you keep him on a lead until this problem has been resolved, he won't be able to eat poo.

If your Cocker Spaniel is otherwise healthy and is not underweight (your vet can confirm this for you) there are one or two things you can do for him.

You could try adding pineapple to his food, or pineapple juice to his water, because it's said that it makes their poo taste less palatable (?).

You could also split his meal allowance into two and feed him morning and evening to help keep that little tummy feeling full.

I also recommend you read the following articles on coprophagia (this is the term for dogs eating poop) and how to stop your dog doing it for much more advice.

Best of luck!

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Why Does My American Cocker Eat Poo?
by: David M

One of my cockers, Daphne, used to do the same thing. It's supposed to be that they can smell the undigested food in the poo and they eat it.

There are chewable tablets that they sell at Petco that seemed to do the trick. You give it to them and it's supposed to make their poo smell bad (no pun intended) so they don't want to eat it.

Daphne doesn't do it anymore.

by: Jackie

If you pick up after him at home then it's not really a problem at home so you've only got to worry about him when he's out at the park or on walks.

If you've tried everything and nothing has worked, then I guess the only other thing you can do is to keep him on the lead when you walk him outside.

There is one last resort you might like to try and that is to feed him a couple of chunks of pineapple in his food.

Apparently, when it comes out in his poo at the other end, it's supposed to deter him from eating it - not sure why, but I've read somewhere that it works!

Hope it works for you!

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