When Can I Leave My
Cocker Spaniel Home Alone?

by Jason

Cocker Spaniels Don't Like Being Home Alone!

Cocker Spaniels Don't Like Being Home Alone!

At what age can a cocker spaniel be left at home (8-4) while I'm at work?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Jason,

Cockers don't like to be left home alone - they're family dogs and love to be with their pack at all times.

Dogs who are left alone and not given enough mental and physical stimulation are easily bored and can develop separation anxiety and can sometimes become quite destructive.

Trust me, behavioural problems from bored dogs can be a real challenge to correct.

However, being ever practical, our dogs sometimes need to be left alone from time to time and, if we're working, we sometimes need to leave them for longer than we'd like.

Personally, I wouldn't leave a puppy alone for 8 hours each day. They need regular toilet breaks, training, socialization, play, and lots of cuddles - read our article on puppy care.

If you can, ask a neighbour, friend or relative, to pop in a couple of times each day to let him into the garden for a toilet break, some fresh air and a little playtime.

Take your cocker for a long walk (at least 45 minutes) before you go out to work to help tire him out so that he'll sleep contentedly.

I recommend the same when you come him in the evening - throw a ball or a Frisbee for him to run after to get his heart and lungs pumping.

Leave your cocker in a safe room (no trailing wires, garbage bins etc) with a warm comfortable bed, safe chew toys, and a bowl of fresh water.

You could leave a radio on, tuned into a chat show, to keep him 'company'.

If I need to go out for any length of time, and it's feasible, I will take my cocker with me and leave him in the boot of the car (don't worry - it's an estate car!). I walk him first to tire him out, give him a biscuit, and he just lies there in his soft bed or on his blanket and is so content because he knows I'm not far. If I'm shopping, I can pop back every hour or two and give him a little walk and a treat before leaving him again.

PS: I'm always careful to leave him with water, slightly open windows, in the shade, or in a secure underground car park.

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Cocker Spaniel Home Alone?

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leaving cockers home alone
by: Anonymous

I kept cockers for many years and could safely leave one on its own for a couple of hours. One would happily sit for an hour or more in the boot of my estate car on my drive with the boot open making no attempt to run off. At one time I had three cockers a Mother and daughter and an older "auntie" The pup still got bored and shredded the wallpaper by the back door. I swear it stood and watched me re-paper the wall and then shredded it again the very next time it was left. Cockers make excellent pets but like all dogs need time, patience, and training.

Cocker spaniel
by: Anonymous

My cocker spaniel is 9 weeks old and we only got him but he cries everynight alnight and only sleeps for about 4 hours even tho he is not in his crate he has a extra bed is there anything we can do to solve this?

Yes, we leave ours alone.
by: Anonymous

We have two English Cocker females, 2 & 4. We take them out for a long walk before we leave. They like the tv on an animal station and we leave them for as long as 5 hours without a problem. We play with them a lot and hey are loving and wonderful companions.

With other pets or alone ?
by: Christina Ashley

I can’t comment on every situation but on my situation I was blessed to be able to stay with mine the first year of her life outside a a few hours once a week .... I was blessed enough to be able to pay someone that she loved to sit during those times .

After about a year I started weaning her to short " no human periods " I started at a few minutes and worked up to hours ( I also have a cat she has bonded with and I believe it makes a difference )

I would leave Kong’s filled with yummy healthy treat both frozen and not, dog tv etc .

She will chew her treats for about 30 minutes tops then sit at the window and wait for me .... they are social and not to be left alone 🤷‍♀️

Even with people here though as a baby she only left the window to potty.

Potty training? Treats help of course cause they food driven but me expressing how disappointed I was when she went potty in a unauthorized place worked better... be fair though .

If it is pouring I for one don’t see why she should have to poop getting tore up by rain and while I am certainly not gonna reward such a thing through food or action a poop on my porch I will also not scold. She has learned it’s not ideal but it is 100 percent better than pooping in my house. lol

I can just say with her if I bought the breed fresh I would give a year with near constant human interaction and even after that they need a friend ....if I couldn’t do that I would get a different breed .

What can be trained, in order to leave spaniel at home 3 hours?
by: JPN

Has anyone ever succeeded in training a cocker spaniel to be home up to 3 hours?

Mine is 2 years old and he can stay at home for only 2 minutes. All grandmother's tricks as music, chew, comfort do not help 1 bit, he is too alert and active to bother with a bone or so (I know because I film while I train).

Be aware: leaving home by foot I got him from 2 to 5 minutes, but leaving with car is totally different issue, he is far more sensitive to that, so he is at 2 minutes re. being left by me+car before starting howling.

I am glad this site is a bit honest, my breeder and many books are not honest about spaniels....they are alomost untrainable to reach more than 2-5 min alone at home despite training.

Did someone achieve more than 2-5 min? Let me know how you did that miracle! Would give me hope. Mine is male and over 2 years.

5 Months Old
by: Anonymous

You can probably safely leave your cocker spaniel at home alone when he's about 5 months old. Any younger than that and he may become anxious. I would always walk him first and play with him before leaving him - that way you'll tire him out and it may help him to sleep the time away.

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