We Found Her At The Laundrymat

by Teri Porto
(La Puente, CA)

Cute Golden Cocker Spaniel

Cute Golden Cocker Spaniel

Several years ago, we acquired a little terrier mix and thought we had it made - Tini ruled our hearts and our home.

However, that all changed when early one morning I stopped at a local laundry-mat and in the door way was this beautiful golden cocker spaniel.

She was obviously scared out of her mind and wondering where her owner was, and she literally leaped into my arms.

My friend and I asked the lady running the laundry-mat if the dog was hers and she said no.

Before you could say lost but found, I took her home to convince my husband, brother and mother that what we needed was just one more dog.

What could they say?

Well, it turned out that one look at her was all they needed, and she was ours.

The first thing my husband did was present her with her very own bed, but I think the experience of being abandoned had left a deep impression on her.

She moved herself onto her bed but sat with her back toward us. She spend a week like that - it was just as if she was wondering what she'd done to deserve being left on her own.

The sad face tore at our hearts, but with extra loving from our family and Tini to lead the way, Teddy Bear came to be ours.

She has now been a member of our family for over two years and such a loving companion to our other dog Tini. They've spent the past two years as rivals and friends until last year when Teddy Bear suffered the loss of her closest friend. Yes, Tini passed away. It broke our hearts.

Teddy Bear now rules our home. Teddy Bear, like any of our dogs, will have a permanent home with us for as long as she lives. No more will she face the disappointment of being left on her own.

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by: Delti

Teddy Bear looks so cute! Just look at those innocent eyes, they look like they would just melt my heart. That was so kind of you to take her into your home and your lives. You must be really nice people.

I'm sure Teddy Bear will reward you a hundred fold for what you've done for her with her affection and loyalty to you.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

Deli x

Teddy Bear
by: Anonymous

Such a moving story!

But where is her photograph - come on, you can't leave us in the lurch - let's see what she looks like!

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