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I'm Whacked!

I'm Whacked!

How far should my 9 year old cocker spaniel walk a day? She used to love walking and would pull on the lead, but now she seems reluctant to walk and pulls behind looking really fed up.

If we go somewhere different to the normal everyday walk she seems fine. Is it possible she's just bored?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

I'm assuming your 9 year old Cocker is still fit and healthy and has no arthritic problems that may be causing her to slow down. Especially as you mention that she's fine when you take her on a different walk.

Yes, dogs can easily become bored with the routes they're walked if they aren't varied enough.

They need different sights, sounds and smells to keep them keen and stimulated. I suspect that's the problem with your Cocker.

Mix it up a little.

I have several walks I take Max on and I vary them depending on how I feel (and how fit I feel!) Sometimes we walk up to the top of the village and into the vineyards where we criss cross in and out of the rows of vines (without disturbing anything, of course). Other times I walk him around the salt-water lake at the bottom of our village or up the tow path of the Canal du Midi. Out of season, when there are no tourists, he gets to run on the beach!

If your dog becomes bored in the house - watch out! Boredom in dogs can be displayed in many ways; gnawing and chewing, which can be very destructive if not channeled properly, pacing and constant barking.

So it's important that we keep our dog's minds and bodies stimulated and well-exercised.

Hope this helps!

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Walking My Dog
by: Andy

What a lucky dog Max is to have all those lovely walks! Where we live it's not too difficult to vary the route. The problem is that none of them are very interesting as I live in a 'concrete jungle' and there's not a lot of greenery around.

Still, my cocker spaniel (Jed) enjoys the different smells on each street corner!

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