Vinnie 6 weeks


Vinnie has just turned 7 weeks. We acquired him a little over 4 weeks ago. He has been bottle fed and went from 2lbs to 5.2lbs as of yesterday.

He was born with a cleft. His cleft is bilateral nose, not the palette. He also has an extra lump of tissue with mutant teeth where is uppers should be. Vet is watching him closely. He is a little small still. He will begin his de-worming and vaccination schedule next week.

He was never able to nurse and just started some dry food. He wasn't supposed to be able to drink from a bowl, but does. He is playing and living the good life with his pack mates (7 year old Maltese/Yorkie mix, 6 year old Brussles Griffon and 3 year old Rottweiler) The Rottie took over mothering within days of him entering our home.

Vinnie is going to need surgery, per the vet. I was kind of hoping it was just cosmetic and that he could do without the surgery.

We absolutely LOVE him.

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by: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hi Mary, Did you mean to send a photo of Vinnie? If you did, it didn't arrive. Any chance of you sending it again please?

He sounds a brave little soldier! I'd love to see him.

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