Veg Stew

by Anshu

Hi, My cocker spaniel is two and a half months old and I give him this vegetable stew twice a day.

Boil vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, beans, spinach, and broccoli, along with nutri nuggets.

Add water to cover vegetables and cook them nicely.

Before giving it to my dog, I add one small chapati (Indian bread/roti) and two tablespoons of curd to the mixture.

Soon I will replace Nutri nuggets with chicken.

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Vegetable Stew
by: Anonymous

I find you can cook pretty much any vegetables you have handy (perhaps except onions) and cook them for your dog. I tend to steam my veggies and leave them slightly crunchy so that my dog has something to bite and chew on. They're also good for his teeth like that, much better than cooked to mush.

I try to vary the vegetables and not give him too much of the same thing.

I also give him lamb,chicken or fish and sometimes mix in a little cooked rice.

I add an egg or two to his diet and also give him a cod liver oil capsule two or three times a week.

My cocker spaniel seems to enjoy whatever I put down for him and his coat is healthy looking and he's always so full of energy. I guess something's working for him!

Super Recipe
by: Radhika

I tried this veg stew with chicken and rice added. It turned out superb. I also added a pinch of turmeric to this mixture.

My Princie loved it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

Veggie Stew
by: Anonymous

Nice! I tried this for my cocker and he went crazy for it.

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