Trouble Potty Training My Cocker Puppy

Trouble Potty Training Snickers
By: Jade
New Orleans

I don't know why I'm having problems potty training my cocker spaniel puppy, but I am!

Cute black cocker spaniel sitting on the grass, being potty trainedCan I have some privacy please?

Every dog we've ever had we've been able to potty train within a few days or so, but our little Snickers is proving to be not so easy. 

(We bought a 4 month-old cocker spaniel puppy after our blue Dobie sadly passed away. We named our new pup Snickers.) 

I was advised to crate train Snickers because he was so wild; he was pooping and peeing everywhere, even though I would take him out every two hours during the day and between every 2 to 3 hours at night. 

The crate is wonderful. I don't have to chase him constantly and he's very comfortable in it.

But still I will take him out and he will do his job a good percentage of the time, but no sooner do we get in the house and he does one or the other. 

I take him out to the same place and tell him to potty and praise him.

He doesn't get as much exercise as I know he should because it's winter and the temperature is between 0 and 20 degrees!

I have read Ceaser's books and have been researching on this website, but I'm still having trouble potty training Snickers. 

I'm trying to teach him to sit and stay, but unfortunately, that's also going nowhere, despite the fact that I'm quite a patient and persistent person.

Do you have any suggestions for me? 

He is absolutely not interested in treats when I try to reward him with them outside.

I walk my other dog faithfully, winter or summer. I'm wondering if a coat and some boots would be okay for my little puppy, or if he's still too small for such cold weather? 

Any other tips or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Trouble Potty Training My Cocker Spaniel

Our Visitor's Replies

Trouble Potty Training 
By: Danny 

I take my cocker puppy out every hour. There is an article in here somewhere (sorry, I'm not sure where I read it) which recommends taking your puppy outside every hour, after playing, after any form of exercise or excitement, and as soon as he wakes up.

I would try taking your puppy outside more often - I'm sure you'll see a big difference.

As your puppy grows you'll be able to leave it a little longer between toilet breaks.

I think you're right to keep your puppy crated as it will help to keep him out of mischief.

Hope this helps.

Trouble Potty Training 
By: Pauline (Website Owner)

Good advice Danny!

You'll find the article on potty training here.

You might also like to try these obedience exercises from scratch - keep at it - your puppy will get there in the end!

Good luck.

Trouble Potty Training Your Cocker Spaniel
By: Anonymous

I have had Trusty for over two years now and while he goes outside when I take him, he has certain places in the house he goes if he does not see me. And only recently did he start asking to go out.

Long and the short of it: at this point after trying to be consistent and positive as possible for two years, I decided I would have to put a diaper on him to prevent the indoor messes. 

If I see him go when he's outside, I praise him and when we go in I let him run where ever. If, however, I don't see him go, or if he doesn't like the weather and refuses to go out, I put a diaper on him. 

He hates it!

Now when we are outside he runs right over to me. It's as if he wants to show me he did his business! 

He even licks my face even if I am asleep to ask to go out. 

He had an accident the other day when I was not minding him, but I would say the diaper worked both in preventing messes and in teaching him what I wanted him to do.

Hope you have success with your puppy very soon.