Tired chocolate spaniel

by Tammy Campbell
(Sarasota, Florida )

Tired Cocker Spaniel

Tired Cocker Spaniel

Tomi girl is our 6 years old American cocker spaniel and she was born in Orlando, Florida.

She is very sweet with a big heart like her mommy's. Tomi grew up with 2 cats but unfortunately, we're now down to one. Sometimes Tomi thinks she's a cat but at times she's a full on bird dog!

She loves to run in her back yard just yapping at the birds flying above. Tomi is also her mommy's service for hard of hearing but sadly since the Covid pandemic she's had to stay behind at home. Mommy sure misses having her girl with her at the doctors office as she knows when my name is being called and she gets up. But don't let her fool you when one knocks on the door and the bark goes crazy! She sounds like a guard dog but just excited to greet you!

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