Those eyes....pure honesty

by Linda
(Peabody Ma)

Molly With Cupcake The Frog

Molly With Cupcake The Frog

Molly With Cupcake The Frog
Just going to take a li'l nap on Joey's sock, ok Mamma? ?
My Girl!
Molly's front row seat 2011

Miss Molly - Born March 28, 2000

The most loyal, sweet, devoted companion I've EVER had!

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Thank you Jessica
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the nice comment for Molly ! Sorry it took so long to reply but I've had computer issues (hopefully resolved.)

Have you adopted a Cocker Spaniel yet ?

To answer your question about Molly's coloring, I believe "buff" is what she is.

I love her with all of my heart and soul and then some!

I wish you luck and maybe you'll post photo's too.

Thanks again, Molly and Linda

Molly, Molly, Molly!
by: Jessica

I was browsing this website when I came across your wonderful photos of Molly - she's adorable!

You're so right when you refer to her eyes as 'pure honesty'...I couldn't agree with you more. She looks so innocent and so trusting too.

I have a lab and I'm thinking about getting a cocker spaniel puppy - that's how I came to find this website. When I saw these pictures of Molly I decided there and then that I was definitely going for a Cocker Spaniel.

Who could resist such a loving nature and they look so beautiful, especially when they've just been groomed.

I'd love a puppy just like Molly - same colouring, same wonderful appealing eyes! Is she a golden cocker, I wonder?

I'm off now to find a cocker spaniel breeder to see if I can get my name on a waiting list.

Thanks again for sharing those wonderful photos!

Thank You
by: Linda

Thanks for the compliments for Molly ! She is a cutie !

Beautiful Cocker Spaniel
by: Jake

What a beautiful cocker spaniel!

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