Temperamental Cocker

by Shaye

Sadie - Beautiful Golden Cocker Spaniel

Sadie - Beautiful Golden Cocker Spaniel

Hello All - I have a female golden cocker spaniel who is 3 years old this year.

She is a very timid girl and was very spoilt as a puppy. She has lived with my parents for the past 12 months as we were in a unit and couldn't have her with us. We have now bought a house and have brought her back to live with us.

I'm wanting to know why she can never relax. I get the impression that she feels it's her job to protect us as she constantly runs from door to door and window to window when she is inside, looking out for strangers or other dogs, and when she sees them she barks!

She also doesn't like to be outside for very long by herself.

We have just also brought a new puppy home - a Maltese cross. We are hoping this calms our cocker spaniel, Holly, down a bit and that she might start to relax and play.

She doesn't bite or growl at visitors once they're inside but she won't let them pat her until she is ready for them to.

If anyone has any advice as to why she is like this or how to calm her down please let me know.

Concerned Owner.

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by: Anonymous

Well...I am new to the whole dog thing myself, but my sister has four and they are all different. However, it sounds like your Spaniel could be a bit homesick, perhaps?

She is taken from what she perceived as home and brought to a totally new place, then another dog is added to the mix.

Did you take her around the yard and house when you moved in? Introduce her to the neighbours and their pets? Does she have a place to be alone and have some quiet time, just for her?

She may feel threatened by a bunch of new people coming into, what is essentially, her new den. Some things may not even smell like her yet, and they are there. Dogs are odd like that.

Change is a big thing for a dog, and so many changes at once might just have her overwhelmed.

Spend some time letting her get to know the new place, and get to know you too, since she hasn't lived with you until now.

Eventually, she will get comfy and calm down.

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