Stand Alone Cockers

by Heather DeFrancesco
(Peoria AZ)

This Puppy Is Not From Stand Alone Cockers

This Puppy Is Not From Stand Alone Cockers

I have been with Cocker Spaniels since I was 9 years old - my love for Cockers is enormous.

After reading a book called "Prince Tom" I was hooked. My mom bought me my first Cocker, unfortunately she was a fear biter.

My goal was to improve the temperament of this beautiful breed. I also then became interested in getting into the show world.

Over the years, I have continuously grown as a breeder/owner handler. I have been showing Cockers now for 7 years and have gone to shows for the last 8 years.

I currently have 3 champions and I have had one show litter.

I chose my kennel name as Stand Alone because of my first show litters, who all stood on their two feet like a human to use the restroom.

I thought, and still do think, that this is the silliest thing. I had been trying to choose a kennel name for 2 years and that was it.

They all still love to stand, how silly is that? With that being said the name fits!

My dogs have outstanding confirmation, temperament, health, and are just overall lovable.

The majority of dogs I have are what I use in my breeding program. I am able to keep and eye on their health and ensure the overall health and well being of my future dogs.

My line stems from the Dal-Mar line. Donna Harrington has been a proven breeder with successful champions, health and temperament. Donna has been my mentor and friend through my start in this dog show world.

Enjoy viewing my site and shoot me an email if you have any questions. We occasionally have parti-colors and solid colors available for show or as pets.


Stand Alone Cockers
Heather Difrancesco

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Stand Alone Cockers
by: Jackie

I laughed when I read that your cocker spaniels stand up on two back legs to pee! I've never seen or heard of that in my life, but I bet it looks so very unusual!

How about a photo please?

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