Sophie Ellis - My Wonderful Cocker Spaniel

by David Moreno
(Panama, Panama city)

She's amazing, friendly, funny, and very smart. I love her! She's only 3 months old.

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by: Sophie & David

Hello everybody! Guys, Thank you for your comments! Yes I named her after the singer that I love. So, I thought it was a good name for a puppy.

And Yes! birds are irresistible for her, she chases everything that seems like a bird. Haha, she got it from her Mom.

Sophie is 7 months old now, and still growing. I'll upload a few more pictures of her soon.


David (Sophie says Hello too)

Sophie Ellis
by: Anonymous

How gorgeous you are, Sophie! You look just like my first cocker spaniel, Jessie. Sadly she's no longer with us but when I first say your photo my heart missed a beat - you're so much like her!

She used to like running around the park, chasing balls, frisbees, and birds (any type would do, so long as they could fly - come to think of it, she'd chase those that couldn't fly too!).

She was so gentle and friendly, even though she wasn't socialized as properly as she should have been.

I loved her so much - she was my life! I still think about her, and I'm so happy to have been privileged that she chose me.

The puppy days soon fly by, so please enjoy every minute of the day with your lovely Sophie Ellis.

Sophie Ellis
by: Jan

Is she named after Sophie Ellis Bexter? Why? It doesn't really matter - she's so gorgeous anyway - but I was just curious.

by: Suzette

Aaaaw, your little cocker is as beautiful as her name. I'm assuming you named her after the singer? In any case, she is lovely! Take care of her, and she will take care of you tenfold at the least!

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