Sleepy Babies

by Maria

Sleepy Time!

Sleepy Time!

My Cocker Spaniel is called Bruce. He is technically 7 years old but he acts 2!

He is a blue roan boy who usually has a long beautiful coat, but in that picture he had just gotten his hair cut.

His favourite toys are his pull rope and his squeaky chicken and his cow. His favourite game is football, (at least, his version of it) he picks the ball up in his mouth and runs away with it!

He cannot catch a Frisbee to save his life!

He is a social butterfly, we have a three-legged, one eyed cat called Ribbon, who dislikes (won't say hates) Bruce but Bruce absolutely adores him!

We had a kitten and they both got along like a house on fire! They would tumble together and clean each other.

He adores other dogs, he is getting a little sister (female golden cocker spaniel) in August!

Bruce doesn't come on holidays with us, he came once but he was confused about being left in a strange house when we went out for dinner.

Instead he stays at the kennels down the road, they have indoor housing, outdoor runs, a field and a pool for Aqua therapy. Bruce is anxious when getting in the water, as he fell in as a puppy, he is now getting better and overcoming his fear!

Bruce loves beaches, he will run away from the waves and it's really funny! He definitely prefers land!!!!!

I love my dog so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sleepy Bruce
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Maria,

Thanks for the lovely photo of Bruce, he sounds a real character! By the way, my Cocker (Max) can't catch a Frisbee either, so you're not alone there!

And congratulations on getting a new Cocker Spaniel in August - I bet you can't wait. Don't forget to send us a photo and tell us all about her.

Anyway, thanks for posting Maria!

Warm regards,

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