Sleeping Arrangements?

by Gail

Sleeping Arrangements for a Cocker Spaniel Puppy? Crate Him!

Sleeping Arrangements for a Cocker Spaniel Puppy? Crate Him!

My 10 week old puppy is sleeping in my 14 year old son's room in his bed on the floor but I want him to sleep in the kitchen. How can I do this as we tried him in a crate for the first two nights when we got him at 8 weeks and he cried all night and kept us awake.

He was originally placed in the lounge in the crate and we moved him upstairs for a little bit of peace.

He goes to sleep about 11pm and wakes at about 05.30 to 06.30am.

He wees and poos on the puppy training mat.


Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Gail,

It's really important that you persevere when crate training your puppy. Of course he's going to cry - he's away from his mother and siblings, and also his new pack, but don't worry, he'll soon learn to settle down.

You could move his crate to your son's room (and make the puppy sleep inside the crate) and as he settles begins to settle down at night, gradually move the crate nearer to the bedroom door and eventually out into the kitchen (or wherever you'd like him to sleep).

I recommend you read this article to help your puppy settle down at night and then the puppy crate training series here to give you more information about what you need to do to help your puppy.

The crate will also help your puppy to hold his wees/poos a little bit longer, perhaps until you get up, because dogs don't like to soil in their own 'den' and as your dog's crate will become his den he'll try to wait. However, it's important that as soon as you wake you take him outside to where you want him to do his business. Just in case you've not found it, this article on potty training might help you.

Good luck!


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Let them sleep near you
by: Anonymous

I have had the joy to have my black cocker for almost 2 years. When we got her, we were very sure she was going to sleep on her own. 2 weeks after she ended up in our bed and I have never slept so good and she very quickly seemed very relaxed and calm.

Animals as humans need to feel connected to each another. Invite your cocker into your life not in a crate.

Best from Vilma (the cocker) & her human Camilla, Denmark.

Puppy Not Sleeping
by: Jessica


Have you tried tiring your puppy out before bedtime? This works for me. I play with him for 30 minutes before his bedtime, take him to the 'toilet' and then give him a cuddle.

Sometimes he falls asleep within a couple of minutes and I put him in his crate. If he doesn't drop off to sleep quickly, I put him in his crate with his cuddly toy and he soon nods off.

I keep his crate by my bed and if he wakes during the night I slide my hand through the bars and stroke him and give him a few words of comfort. After that, I ignore him.

I never take him out of his crate at night because he would learn all he has to do is attract my attention, and I'd let him out. I would be making a rod for my own back.

I hope you get your problem sorted quickly, but the best advice I can give is to tire him out and ignore his cries.

Hope this helps.

Sleeping At Night In Crate
by: Anonymous

My cocker spaniel is 8 months old he sleeps in his crate, but he keeps chewing the bars and getting his head stuck which makes him cry out and wakes us up.

What can we do to stop this?

Get Dog Sleeping In Kitchen
by: Jackson

Train your puppy to get used to his crate. It will probably take a little while to train him properly, but you'll be glad you did because he'll love his crate.

Get him used to sleeping in it and you can eventually move the crate into the kitchen.

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