Signs of Cocker Spaniel Having Worms?

This beautiful cocker spaniel doesn't have worms - she's checked regularly!

This beautiful cocker spaniel doesn't have worms - she's checked regularly!

What are the signs of a Cocker Spaniel having worms?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Worms are a common problem for our dogs and most will have worms at some time in their lives.

There are several worms that can infest your Cocker Spaniel, as follows:

  • Heartworms,
  • Hookworms,
  • Whipworms,
  • Tapeworms,
  • Roundworms.

All of which area pretty disgusting and can have serious effects on your dog's health.

Major signs that your dog has worms:

  • Your Cocker may rub/drag his bum along the ground to relieve the itch that the worms are causing. This can also damage his bottom and result in infection

  • Your dog may develop sickness and diarrhoea

  • Depending upon the type of worm, he may begin coughing

  • Itching skin

  • You may see blood in his stool

  • He may be lethargic

  • His coat may lose its gloss and begin to look dull

  • His tummy may look distended or bloated

  • Your dog may lose his appetite and he may lose weight (regardless of whether or not he's lost his appetite.

The best way to avoid worms is to give your dog worming tablets regularly - if you're not sure, have a chat with your vet who will prescribe the correct medication for your pet.

I recommend all dog owners check the fur around their dog's bottom (as well as their dog's stool) for signs of anything white and wriggly! You can do this quite easily at least once a week. However, I check my dog's poo every day when we're out on our walks - yes I've had some odd looks, but at least I'm ahead of the game!

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Signs of Worms
by: Anonymous

I guess the most obvious is worms in his poo! Your dog may also drag his bum across the floor trying to stop the itching.

He may have sickness and diarrhoea too.

His coat might look a bit dull too.

If he's got heart-worms it may cause him to cough.

He may be lethargic and lose his appetite.

His tummy may look bloated, and he may lose weight.

The easiest thing to do is to make sure you worm him regularly.

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