Shedding Hair

by Nadz

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed a Lot of Hair?

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed a Lot of Hair?

Hey, I just got a 4-month old male cocker spaniel and he sheds a lot of hair. I'd like to know if they usually change hair which cause a lot of shedding and then it will stop.

Also, I'm in the process of potty training him but when I carry him outside after he eats he sometimes plays and don't go potty until like one to two hours later.

Any ideas please?

Reply from Pauline (Website Owner)

Hello Nadz,

Thank you for your questions.

In my experience, Cocker Spaniels don't shed an awful lot. My cocker hardly moults at all, so I guess I'm very lucky, however, I've heard of Cockers that shed all year round!

It's possible that your puppy is losing his 'puppy fur' and growing his new silky adult coat. I think this is a little early, but it's still possible. Try brushing him every day with a slicker brush to remove as much loose hair as you can - this way it won't end up on your carpets and furniture! Just take care not to put too much pressure on the brush. You don't want the needle-like pins to brush his skin and cause 'slicker burn'.

All you can do is sit-tight and see what happens.

As for housebreaking your puppy, I'm assuming you've read this article on potty training and have a set routine for your puppy to follow. If you haven't I heartily recommend it.

If your puppy doesn't do anything within 5 minutes of being outside, bring him back inside, but watch him like a hawk and try taking him outside again in 20 minutes.

If you see the signs of him about to pee in your house, say 'No' in a loud, firm voice (this may startle him into stopping peeing in mid flow) scoop him up immediately and take him outside. Don't play with him, he needs to learn that this is not his playtime, but encourage him to go to the toilet by saying, 'go potty' or whatever words you choose to use.

If you keep doing this he'll soon learn what you want him to do.

You'll find all the advice you need in the above mentioned article, just remain patient and consistent in following the advice and I'm confident he'll get there.

Good luck!


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by: Shedding Coat

Hi! My cocker sheds all year round. He's a solid black and is 5 years old. I brush him regularly (at least 4 times each week) and make sure I get right down to his undercoat otherwise it mats.

He's so patient and I enjoy it so much - I'm sure we're bonding when I groom him because he seems as contented as I feel.

I have read somewhere that black cocker spaniels shed the most, but that other colors hardly shed at all so if you've any other color than black, you should be okay.

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