Sensitive Skin

by Oliver Graves
(Mullins, South Carolina)

Black Cocker Spaniel Puppy - Sensitive Skin Can Cause Misery!

Black Cocker Spaniel Puppy - Sensitive Skin Can Cause Misery!

Our cocker spaniel has very sensitive skin, what can we do to prevent or help sooth this itching?

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Oliver,

There are a few things that can cause skin problems in our Cocker Spaniels.

Cockers are prone to skin problems such as Seborrhoea and Dermatitis. Your Cocker may be suffering from one or the other, or he could simply have sensitive skin and may be reacting to his diet or environment, or he may have an allergy.

It's important to diagnose what is causing your dog's skin irritation and then apply the correct treatment.

Your vet is the best person to confirm this for you.

A food allergy can cause itching, if this is the case you will need to consider changing your dog's diet.

Bathing your dog in a shampoo that's not mild enough, or not specially prepared for dogs, can cause irritation.

I'd recommend a medicated oatmeal shampoo - leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. And it's essential that you make sure your dog's coat is rinsed thoroughly because any residue soap will cause irritation and only make matters worse.

Flea bites and/or flea debris, can also cause skin irritations and allergies. I'm sure you already have, but just check that he's not picked up a couple of hitch-hikers!

If the itching is only in one spot, you might like to try some cooling Aloe Vera gel - your vet may stock this, but most good pet stores will too.

Feeding your Cocker Spaniel the best dog food you can afford and which contains plenty of fatty acids and a quality protein will help to keep your dog's skin in top condition.

Brushing your dog regularly will also help to keep his skin in check. Brushing will remove tangles and mats (mats, if not removed can cause skin irritations) and any other debris lodged in your dog's coat.

Brushing can also improve circulation and will help to distributed oils evenly throughout your dog's coat, making it look shiny and healthy.

I hope this helps and your dog is better soon!

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Wow! What a great answer!

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