Sadie Mae

by Margie Craig
(Ball Ground, Georgia USA)

Sadie Mae on a hunt for lizards, she must protect her humans!

Sadie Mae on a hunt for lizards, she must protect her humans!

This is Sadie Mae and we got her about 2 years ago.

She wandered into my sister's year and I thought she was lovely. I asked who she belonged to and was told a neighbour.

Since my sister was friendly with the neighbour I asked her to find out the name of the breeder because I wanted a Cocker Spaniel just like his dog.

I'd never seen a black & tan cocker. I had owned a pure black, two buff and a red cocker spaniel. I had also some brief experience of raising puppies.

She asked the neighbour about his breeder and he told my sister to let me know that if I wanted the dog to come to and get her.

He had recently lost his wife, and because of this, his children thought he needed the company of a dog, but he had two houses and owned his own plumbing company and had to leave the dog on a chain under the tree in the yard. He didn't think this was fair on her so he was willing to give her to a good home.

We were delighted and went to his house the next day. Not only did he give us his Cocker Spaniel, but he gave us her kennel, bowls and toys as well as her papers.

Sadie goes most places that we go to. She has a car seat and rides in the truck, car and motorhome. She will almost push me out of my seat in the motorhome so she can ride up front with her "Daddy" and lookout.

She has never bitten anyone and has never met a stranger. She loves everybody, so I have to keep her on a leash when we are out, or she may just go home with someone.

We live on 5 acres so she can roam freely, but she usually doesn't go far from sight. At the present time, October, she is wearing a hot pink collar so the hunters can see her better. She looks like a little bear cub, so it's either the pink collar or her hunters orange bandanna.

Sadie is an essential part of our family, and we love her very much.

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Sadies Beautiful
by: Nicola Davis

In response to your lovely words...Ya Sadie!

She's lovely, and yes the thing is they are so floppy they tend to sleep everywhere and anywhere.

They're a beautiful breed. I'm so glad I got Lenny - they really make the family Whole.

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