Rocko and Jax: Our Babies - What Characters!

by Vicci Bailey
(Penn Valley, California)

Rocko (black) and Jax (buff) our two rescued cocker spaniels couldn't be more different.

Rocko loves the outdoors, rooting and digging in the dirt, roaming the property, getting as dirty as he can possibly get and having an affair with an Arabian Horse is Rockos ultimate day!

Jax, on the other hand, hates to go outside, doesn't like getting his paws wet, would much prefer to lounge around on the back of the couch or in our beds, in the air conditioning, while everyone is outside.

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Poor Jax!
by: Polly

I'm so sorry - I honestly thought he was winking. Poor little mite.

Not sure I understand why previous owners would want to consider having him put down when he's otherwise perfectly healthy (?).

But good for you for taking him in and loving him - he's a little trooper!

Jax only has one eye
by: Bailey

No, Jax is not winking. He has glaucoma and had to have an eye removed. He also has cataracts in the remaining eye. Previous owners wanted to put him down, we took him in instead.

Rocko has BOTH eyes and can't catch anything to save his life. Jax has one partial eye remaining and catches absolutely EVERYTHING!

Is Jax Winking?
by: Polly

Is Jax winking? I'm assuming he's Jax as he appears to be indoors, resting, while Rocko is out with his master canoeing - that looks exciting and he seems to be loving it. He looks very cute in his little life jacket too!

I wish my cocker was more like Jax - he's more like Rocko, he likes to be in amongst it all. I don't mind him loving the outdoors, and being energetic but when my cocker comes back from a walk he's always covered in burrs, bits of feather, grass, straw, - you name it, his coat will collect it! It makes him so difficult to groom.

He also manages to find the puddles and wet ground and he loves to roll in 'suspicious' substances! He's never out of the bath! :)

Cuddles to Rocko and Jax!

Rocko and Jax
by: Anonymous

What lovely cocker spaniels, and so different too. I swear Jax is winking at me!

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