Why Is My Puppy Weeing Indoors?

Potty Training Problems

I have a cocker spaniel puppy weeing indoors despite having been previously toilet-trained. I just don't understand it.

She's just over a year old and she took a long while to potty train, but we got there in the end.

However recently she has had a couple of wee's inside, even though she's let outside regularly. 

This evening I let her outside to pee. When she returned, she came upstairs and promptly wee'd on my bed!

We have had some dominance issues with her, which we have sorted, however, she is definitely the boss of my 4 year old springer spaniel. 

She's also a chewer, so we bought her a muzzle to help stop that. I'm just annoyed with this weeing inside business. I'm extremely frustrated and don't know what to do.

Any advice would be great, thanks.

Why Is My Puppy Weeing Indoors?
By: Pauline (Website Owner)


I'm assuming that your vet has confirmed that your Cocker Spaniels isn't suffering from any health problems such as incontinence or other bladder issues.

Golden cocker spaniel puppy sitting in his crateMy Mom says this crate will help resolve my potty training problems!

It sounds to me like your Cocker is still challenging you for the Alpha role. I think she may be weeing (marking) on your (her) bed. She's trying to assert her dominance over you.

My advice is to: 

  • continue addressing her dominance issues for a little longer. You might like to read these top tips on how to be the alpha dog to give you a few more ideas or to refresh your memory. 

  • make sure she gets plenty of physical and mental exercise to tire her out. A tired dog is less likely to get up to mischief!

  • keep her off your bed until this problem is resolved.

Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed can be a fairly contentious subject. Some owners wouldn't ever consider sleeping without their dogs, others wouldn't dream of allowing them on their beds.

This is my take on letting dogs sleep on your bed: Pros and Cons of Sleeping Dogs On Our Beds - I warn you, it's quite controversial! 

Be persistent and your hard work will pay dividends.

Good luck!

PS: You mentioned that you muzzle your dog to stop her from chewing. Although muzzling your Cocker will stop her from chewing, it will only work while she's muzzled. I don't think it really addresses the problem. 

Instead, I recommend you read this article on how to stop your puppy chewing his or her way through your home - I hope you find it helpful in addressing your puppy's chewing problem.

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Puppy Weeing Indoors 
By: Jean Paul 

Definitely a dominance issue - especially as she was previously fully house-trained. I think this is her way or marking her territory and telling you that she's the boss.

Read the information on this website about the alpha male (or female in your case!). There's some sound advice.

My male dog tried to 'take over' my household a few years back and I had to struggle to keep my head status. Every now and again he'll try it on and I have to show him who's the boss - never with violence or aggression though!

Hope you resolve it soon.